About Us

Rainbow Health company was founded by Gordon Pennington,a professor of natural health after discovering a new incense infusion process that unlocked hidden powers of healing and pain relief contained within these treasured resins. 

Using lost biblical knowledge, ancient methods of extraction and infusion, we are bringing this wonderful revelation to the people in the form of natural and biblical methods of healing. 

All our products are made in or facility located in Rockledge, Florida using the highest quality ingredients, by people filled with the spirit of mercy and truth, and who believe wholeheartedly in the products and mission that we support. 

Since our founding, we have helped countless thousands of people free themselves from the unnatural methods of modern science, and given them the hope and confidence to receive healing and good health through natural means.

We believe that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected and that when one part suffers, this is manifested in the others. 

We welcome you to join the army of healers who are helping release people from the lies of Pharmakia aka modern medicine. 

Wishing you long life and good health.

Prof. Gordon Pennington PNH/MNH

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