What is Kure-It?

What Is Kure-It?

Biblical Healing and Anointing Oil 

Every person must decide what they think about this wonderful revelation, here are some facts and information about Kure-It healing oils:

Kure-It was Inspired by Gods Word, Revealed in the Holy Spirit, Created & Used in Faith, Proven with a cloud of witnesses, and Made Manifest through Gods hidden works.   

Unlike traditional essential oils, Kure-It has been infused with the smoke from burning the frankincense and myrrh resins, capturing the combined / changed essences of these transformed powerful super anti-inflammatory compounds into the olive oil. We then add a special blend of 14 essential oils to make the Kure-It Rx8, which is the base concentrate for the other Kure-It and Good Samaritan oils at different strengths. 

The history of the use of oils, ointments and anointing is well documented as well as the direct testimonials to their use in scripture. Jacob use oil for anointing and as gifts for Joseph, Moses used it for consecration,  Aaron and the Levite priests of the temple for consecration and healing the Israelites of the 12 tribes.

It was also used by the prophets to anoint kings like David and Saul, used by widows to pay off debtors. It is spoken of as "precious oil" in Gods words, and spoken of as great treasure, as well as of great value. This is evidenced by Judas who complained when a whole jar, (worth a years wages), was poured on Jesus by a sinful woman, to which Jesus said "leave her alone, she hath done me a good thing and what she hath done shall be spoken of in memorial of her wherever "this gospel of the kingdom" is preached. 

In Luke chapter 10, in response to the question "who is my neighbor?" Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan, who treated a hurt man with mercy by applying "oil and wine" to his wounds and taking him to safe place after he was beaten by thieves.

At the end Jesus Christ commanded "now go and do likewise". 

Oil and ointments and herbs are the natural way to treat wounds, and for health benefits since the creation of the world, and the only way mentioned in the bible for these things along with humble repentance.

Oils and ointments have always been used to heal people, anoint the heads of kings, be blessings for widows and the poor, and the heads and feet of those who have the gospel of Jesus Christ for thousands of years.

Oil is spoken of in proverbs as being possessed by the wise, as well as frankincense and myrrh as treasures, also brought to Jesus at birth by the Wise men.

Truly you can anoint with any oil, and you are smart to train yourself in these things. Are all oils and ointments equal?

Our mission of anointing is "to break the yoke of the oppressor" and to set people free from the lies of the evil ones and to heal them in body, mind and spirit. This example was set forth by our Lord Jesus Christ, and is part of his commands to us. Jesus healed people first, the sick, the sinners, the oppressed and possessed.

Our mission is to "equip the saints, and to make disciples of all nations", anointing and healing in the name of Jesus Christ, revealing the truth and helping people overcome the lies of the world and the unnatural ways the world teaches. Glory to God the Father of Light and Jesus Christ who is the "Light of the world".

Here Prof. Gordon explains:

How to use Kure-It healing oils:

Prof. Gordon Pennington: What is Good for You?

This may help us understand why this is the weapon we have been missing in our arsenal, as well as the prophetic nature of what we are doing together with all the people empowered though God's anointing of the holy spirit of truth. 

 Here are some resources to help you understand what the hidden mission is within the miracle of the healing oils being manifested in this time. 

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There are many interpretations about oils and their importance and/or meaning, and many have argued that they are not needed, yet these are usually the same people using pharmakia aka sorcery (poison).  

 Prof. Gordon Pennington explains the unnatural:

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 Instructions for using anointing oils 

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