Can you hear me now? How to heal a torn eardrum, by Kevin.

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Here is a testimonial from Kevin about ringing in the ear and damaged eardrums, and his journey to healing. Sent in 2 parts for clarification. 

Kevin: Part 1

2 years ago I had an ailment in my ear,  I believe it was a damaged ear drum,  I will never know that ,  because I never went to the doctors.  I am a contractor by trade and use a lot of loud electric tools,  I believe this finally caught up with me and damaged my inner ear drum,  my symptoms were 95% loss of hearing ( in the left ear )  , dark dry wax that looked like wax blood,  pain off and on. 

I started treating it with Castor Oil Treatments,  dripping olive oil in the ear,  covering the ear up for days,  those procedures only stopped the pain ( which I was grateful for) , one year and a half later,  my ear was still not healed. 

At this time this is when I heard Carrie Madej talk about these healing oils and I got this feeling that it was going to be ok,  just get those oils in your hands.   When I got the 4x and 8x oils,  I started to apply them to the INSIDE OF THE EAR,  this agitated  the already sensitive eardrum  ( I do not recommend dripping this oil in a damaged ear drum ) ,  so I waited a few days for this to calm down,  then I got the idea to apply it to the outer ear right behind where it is attached and at the front side where the divot is,  I applied about 10 drops at each treatment and took my time massaging it in as I relaxed.  3 months later,  my ear is healed ,  I can hear 100%,  blood wax is gone and my ear feels fine.  I was feeling good about this and started to do work again.    I tackled a chicken coop build and was ready to protect my ears at all times,  but I forgot to put my protected ear guards on and was hammering nails into wood on the inside of the building and it got injured again,  but it is not so bad this time around.  This time I had the Elijah Oil ( full strength ) and started applying it to the left ear again,  it started healing itself again,  I used first a saturation of Elijah oil ( full strength)  and Castor Oil with a heating pad,  it healed again in one month.

I will use this Elijah oil every day now on my bad ear and the one ear that is still good,  once my bad ear healed,  I only used it on the bad ear once a week ( I believe the eardrum still needed very deep healing and I was lax on the daily treatment ,  I won't do that again ).  I use these oils for a bum knee that gets stiff from time to time,  I use the Elijah Oil and a Castor Oil heating pad treatment and by George it heals the stiffness out of the knee,  I use it for tension in my neck areas and it calms the muscles down and calms me down.

I am a true believer in the Kure-it Oils and I have become a bronze member to sell this good news to others that have injuries.

A big Thank You to Gordon for all the hard work that goes into the final product of the Healing Oils.

Kevin: Part 2

Update :  I mentioned in my testimony that dropping 4x / 8x / Elijah Oil inside on the eardrum irritated it.  This is not true,  let me explain, When I first had the ruptured eardrum,  I added too much castor oil to the ear and using the heating pad  and castor oil pushed the castor oil deep inside causing irritation.  On my second injury of my eardrum,  I dropped Elijah Oil right inside the eardrum with no agitation many times and it promoted healing.  If anybody has a ruptured eardrum,  there are stages of healing when using Kure-It-Oils,  first there is some pain,  once you apply the Elijah oil   ( I recommend ) and other remedies ( which I will mention below),  the pain will subside when the inflammation goes down,  then you will see drainage. Once the drainage stops,  a wax build up will occur,  which can  take the form of very dark color to medium colors,  this wax build up will slowly retreat,  until it stops all together.  Then  the ringing in the ear slowly stops,  it could take a month,  then your hearing comes back.

Those are the stages of healing of an eardrum. 

What I  recommend for a healed eardrum:

  1. Applying Elijah Oil to  both of your ears ( DAILY ).

What I recommend for Healing a eardrum:

  1. Elijah Oil  ,  dripped inside of the eardrum and saturate the outer ear.
  1. Castor Oil and heating pad therapy,  go very light on the oil and DO NOT drip it inside of the ear canal or eardrum.
  1. Take a high quality Oregano Oil ( for internal use ),  if it says to take 2 a day,  then  take 6  a day ( 2 capsules,  three times a day ),  until you feel balanced.
  1. Take Black seed oil ( for internal use ), take a double dose, until you feel well and balanced.
  1. Take pHmiracle Thyroid support Iodine, ( daily)
  2. Take 3 times the amount of Dr. Shultz's  Superfood Plus (daily)
  1. Drink Mountain Valley Spring Water
  2. Eat a lot  of Green Foods

Links : Kure-it Healing oils and Oil of Elijah  ( IJUICE Black Seed Oil , Thyroid Support )   ( SuperFood Plus )

Note: Rainbow Health Company does not endorse any product recommended here except our healing oils. We have included the links as recommended by Kevin, as well as his testimonial, for you to review. 

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  • What an amazing testimonial Kevin! I’m going to share it with my son, who also has damaged ear drums.

    Anonymous on
  • What an amazing testimonial Kevin! I’m going to share it with my son, who also has damaged ear drums.

    Anonymous on

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