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If you missed the Healing for the A.G.E.S. Virtual Solution Summit on EMF's and Earthing on May 25, 2024 or the EMF MASTERCLASS on May 23, 2024, you may have missed invaluable and life changing information! 

Kure it, as an official sponsor for this event wants you to know you can see the FREE replay of the EMF MASTERCLASS on the www.HealingfortheAGES.com website until June 5, 2024, and after that on their rumble channel as well:  https://rumble.com/c/HealingForTheAGES

The Healing for The A.G.E.S. EMF & Earthing Virtual Solutions Summit FREE video replays should be available on June 5 2024, also on the Healingfortheages.com website, only for a limited time.

We encourage everyone to learn this life changing information as we are being bombarded by poisonous chemicals and radiation all the time, becoming more powerful and increasing in intensity.  The AGES Team, Dr. Ardis, Dr. Group, Dr. Ealy and Dr. Schmidt are world class warriors, exposing the evil plans and devices of the enemies of God. 

EMFs – There’s Nothing to Worry About, Right?

In this lead-up to the A.G.E.S. 2024 EMFs & Earthing Virtual Solution Summit, Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy & Schmidt discuss the problems and share their latest research into the invisible killer that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can be.  From cancer to anxiety and depression, from adrenal exhaustion to blood disorders, EMFs are a major part of the problem. Because they are invisible, they often get ignored or outright dismissed as a potential cause thanks in large part to uneducated allopathic doctors and the mainstream media. 

Please take the time to watch and learn how to protect and heal yourself from these toxic elements. Many great thanks to the Healing for the A.G.E.S. team and support staff. Special thanks Dr. Ardis for his kind introduction to the Kure it Bible Healing Oils as the official sponsor, and to Robert Scott Bell who did the MC on the program and made invaluable contribution to the discussions.

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