Four Benefits Of Using Ancient Biblical Oils In My Home

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Biblical oils were special mixtures prepared by prophets of God and his servants to anoint, cleanse and heal chosen individuals. With bible based information, we can produce biblical oils and use them in our daily lives.

In this blog, we will look at the benefits of using ancient biblical oils in your home.

Spiritual Healing

You can buy ancient biblical oils for spiritual healing. Just like in bible times, you can use oils for a wide range of spiritual purposes and practices. Anointing oils were used in the bible to heal the sick and cure many diseases. When used with intent or through faith, you can get divine healing for many sicknesses and health conditions. 


You can buy biblical oils for anointing and consecrating yourself- This can be done when transitioning to a crucial stage of your life. You could anoint yourself after a promotion or the birth of a child. In the bible, anointing a man or woman typically marked a crucial moment in his/her life. For example, before a man could be coronated in Israel, a prophet would anoint him first, i.e. David and Saul. 


Alongside spiritual healing, biblical oils can be used for divine protection. An example of an essential oil used for divine protection is hyssop. The Israelites used hyssop on their doors and houses to protect them from danger. You can buy ancient biblical oils to keep yourself from harm.  A simple way to do this would be to apply hyssop biblical oils on your body or place it on your front door.

Physical Healing

Essential oils can be used for physical health and well-being. Anointing oils are filled with essential oils that have numerous benefits for health. Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory, fungal, viral, bacterial, and antiseptic properties. Some oils also have anti-stringent, analgesic, anti-clotting, stimulating, and cooling properties. 

All these attributes make them great natural alternatives for physical healing. Examples of essential oils include lavender, frankincense, myrrh, hyssop, cedar wood, etc. You can buy online Samaritan oil to treat open wounds, headaches, skin infections, localized pain, and many more.


Oils have been used for thousands of years for various spiritual and religious purposes- They still carry the same power and effectiveness as they did in biblical times. You can use them for spiritual healing, anointing/ consecration, protection, and spiritual healing.

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