This Just IN!! Vertigo Cured!! !! :)

Posted by Gordon Pennington on

Vertigo Cured!! 
I’d had labyrinthitis induced vertigo for several months when I tried the “Kure It” that I bought for skin irritations. Having tried everything that my ENT and PT could think of, plus Dr. Google, and a bunch of remedies that I just made up – I ran across my Kure It and thought “What the heck? It won’t hurt....”. Sure enough-One drop in each ear at bedtime and I was noticeably better within a couple days and completely cured in a few weeks.
Apparently the anti inflammatory properties soothed my cranky labyrinths enough to stop my head from spinning. WooHoo! I bought several more bottles to give away! Thanks guys!!!!


says Shawn Ross on facebook!

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