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Kure-it Rx Healing Oils

Kure-it Rx is helping change peoples lives in a profound way. These are some of the clinicians, professionals and front line Doctors that are helping share these great biblical healing and anointing oils. 

Recommended, Used & Sold By:

  • Family Medical & Emergency Doctors

  • Naturopathic Clinicians & Doctors 

  • Chiropractors & Pain Management Specialists

  • Herbal and Apothecary Shops

  • Health & Nutrition Coaches & Trainers

  • Healing and Deliverance Ministries

  • Christian Bookstores & Gift/Coffee Shops

Simply put, Kure-it Rx Healing Oils are in a new healing class all their own, and we are just beginning to be recognized as a primary therapeutic that will eliminate the need for most pharmaceutical and OTC (over the counter)  medicines and personal care products. This is saving people hundreds and even tens of thousands of dollars each year in ineffective and even harmful therapies.  

Doctor Carrie Madej  

 Osteopathic & Internal Medicine 

Dr. Carrie Madej is a front line warrior for natural health and highly recommends the Kure-it Rx Healing Oils. She uses them to great personal benefits and  recommends them to others, as well as promotes them on her product recommendations page on her website
Personally, she uses the Kure-it Rx8 Maximum Strength
You can watch her amazing personal testimonial of how it helped her miraculous recovery after her plane crashed in the summer of 2022. Watch Dr. Carrie Madej's Personal Testimonial 


Doctor Kevin Kilday, PHD  

Holistic Health Center, Palm Bay, Florida


Dr Kevin Kilday, PHD recommends and offers the Kure-it Rx products to his clients through his private practice and his Holistic Healing Center. He recommends the Kure-it Rx8 and the Oil of Elijah to his cancer patients.  He has seen the amazing benefits that the Kure-it Rx infused oils have benefited patients, boosting immune function, increasing blood flow, helping alkalize the body, relieving pain from conventional chemo and radiation treatments, helping reduce stress and anxiety. 

On a more personal note, Dr. Kilday likes and uses the Face-it Fx1, and has been using it for his facial care for the last few years.  

Miss Mango's Herb Appeal  

Jim and Kitty have been helping people heal and live holistic lives for over 30 years. They love the Kure-it Rx healing oils and highly recommend them to their customers. They have many hundreds of testimonials from their own clients about how much the oils have helped improve their lives. As a christian apothecary shop, this is one of the few products in their shop that they do not make themselves.  They also have great products of their own and a full supply of herbs and teas. Stop and see them when you are in Melbourne Florida.
They are also one of the first shops to carry the Kure-it Rx healing oils, and it fast became their #2 selling product, beat only by the organic honey they offer.
Here Jim Collins tells you how he feels about the oils. 

 Check back soon, there is much more to come!

These testimonials are given by each person how the Kure-it Rx and Good Samaritan Frankincense and Myrrh infused healing oils have impacted their lives, and the lives of others they have shared it with.
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