Ways to Receive Your Healing Through the Anointing

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As believers, there are different ways to receive or get in tune with your anointed healing blessings. Many of these paths for receiving the blessings and healings of the anointing are stipulated in the bible. We will examine some of these pathways in this article. 


The following are some of the ways through which we can receive our healing and blessings through anointing:

Forgive Those That Trespass Against Us

The scripture has a lot of examples and injunctions for why we should forgive people that offend us. This injunction is also present in the Lord’s Prayer, where we hinge on the forgiveness of our sins and our ability to forgive those who trespass against us. However, you may withhold your anointed blessings more than forgiveness by refusing to let go of a grudge or anger against a person. 

The scripture teaches, through Jesus’s parable of the unforgiving servant, that a person that refuses to forgive & will be delivered to the tormentors and torturers. Medical studies also show that when you harbor ill thoughts and grudges against a person, you are more prone to stress and other mental health issues. 

Using Holy Items Such as Anointing Oils for Healing

Another way to ensure that your healing and anointing come to you is by using holy items such as holy communion and anointing oils. Anointing oils for healing are well used in the scripture for healing and other religious activities, and it remains one of the best ways to get in tune with your blessings and healing through anointing. Jesus commanded his disciples to use anointing oils for healing, and when Jesus was with them no more, they also prayed using the anointing oils. Therefore, you should buy the best healing anointing oil whenever you need the anointing. 

Making a Vow

Another way to receive your healing without using anointing oil for healing is by making a promise to God. We see from the bible that many of the generals of the Lord receive their healing after making a promise to serve or worship God. 

A popular example is Hannah, who received the blessing of a child after she vowed to dedicate the child to the service of the Lord. 



While anointing oils for healing are popular options for receiving your healing and blessings in Christ, they are not the only option. You can also lay claim to your healing through other actions and activities, some of which were espoused in this article.

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