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I like the Elijah’s oil.  It definitely helps with the pain and I think it is a great product.  I am taking it with me on my trip, especially the V-Shield nasal spray to help kill all those nasties while traveling. 

I put the Kure it Rx8 oil on my heels every day.  It helps with the pain and inflammation better than the Good Samaritan Oil 2x strength.

Walt & Jamie  

Gordon,                                                                                                      It all started about 6 months ago when our daughter brought the Good Samaritan oil (Rx2) to us to use on cuts, scrapes, sores, and for sinus headaches.  Then we began to use this oil and realized the pain would be gone very quickly. 


Oil of the Good Samaritan instructions.
(Good Samaritan Oil 20ml plastic drip top 90 day supply.)

We got some more Good Samaritan oils from you and shared it with two or three friends and their results  were as quick as ours.

One volleyball player was playing with a hurt ankle so she put the oil on the swollen ankle and wrapped it for the night and the next morning, the swelling had gone down and the pain was gone.

Another person was bitten by a spider. When he took his boot off the sore was very red and painful, so he put the oil on the bite and went to bed. The next morning the pain and inflammation was gone. 

We are 83 and 85 years old, and have all the aches and pains. We got the Oil of Elijah for very bad ankle pain and lower back pain. 

(Oil of Elijah Ultimate Strength 20ml 3 pack)

Wonderful results and we use it everyday along with the Good Samaritan oil. God tells us He made oils, food, and many things for us to use naturally.  Thanks to you Gordon, you followed His Word.  

Walt and Jamie, Texas USA

C. Lucey:   

I have used your Kure It oils, the Kure-it Rx8 orange cap- and the Oil of Elijah yellow cap on my neck, ankle and my knee. In my neck I have 2 plates and pins and both my knee and ankle are bone on bone, they can be very painful that there are days I can't walk. They are both on different legs.
I have been told that I need total knee replacement and ankle replacement but have been too scared to have it done. I am diabetic and they are extremities and that worries me.
I also used your oils on my lower back. Nothing has worked for that pain but the oils did!
Immediately I could feel it working, it is unlike anything I have ever tried before and I believe I have tried it all through the years. Nothing has ever worked like Kure it Rx8 Biblical Healing Oil has.
I can't sing the praises of your Biblical Healing oils enough. I am astonished!
I tell everyone about how wonderful they are and they are just as surprised as I am. I do try to use it sparingly.
I also have fibromyalgae, so I have pain it seems everywhere.
I was also very impressed with your Good Samaritan oil (Rx2) that I share with others. How very thoughtful to think to add that.
What brought me to your site was Dr. Carrie Madej and how the oils helped her from when she was in an airplane crash. Reading that was enough for me to want to try them and boy am I glad I did.
Thank God for your oils as I thought I was a lost cause with all the pain I have to endure on a daily basis. Life is better to live now.
God bless you and thank you so much!


Sending Flash Gordon prayers and continued shields of faith from Dallas!

I use my anointing oil on my clients before doing their makeup or anyone I feel the Holy Spirit asks me to "lay hands" on...




2 years ago I had an ailment in my ear,  I believe it was a damaged ear drum,  I will never know that ,  because I never went to the doctors. 

I am a contractor by trade and use a lot of loud electric tools,  I believe this finally caught up with me and damaged my inner ear drum, my symptoms were 95% loss of hearing ( in the left ear ), dark dry wax that looked like wax blood,  pain off and on. 

I started treating it with Castor Oil Treatments,  dripping olive oil in the ear,  covering the ear up for days,  those procedures only stopped the pain ( which I was grateful for), one year and a half later,  my ear was still not healed. 

At this time this is when I heard Carrie Madej talk about these healing oils and I got this feeling that it was going to be ok,  just get those oils in your hands.  When I got the Kure-it 4x and 8x oils, I started to apply them to the INSIDE OF THE EAR...

Read the rest Here:  https://kureitnow.com/blogs/news/can-you-hear-me-now-how-to-heal-a-torn-eardrum-by-kevin

Lisa F:      

My sister Christy had given me a travel size bottle of your Good Samaritan anointing oil a couple of years ago. I had stuck it in a drawer and forgot I had it for a few months.

One Saturday I woke up with a terrible headache, nothing was helping it and it was getting worse by the hour. I went into that drawer to find something and pulled out your Good Samaritan oil, figured what the heck give it a try, and rubbed the oil on the back of my neck, forehead & sinuses and then rested for a bit. Within 15 minutes that headache was gone. I was amazed. It happened one more time, bad headache and the Good Samaritan oil relieved it quickly. I have told others about the oils and a couple people in my family have purchased some, as I have.

But the amazing thing I wanted to share is that I have a friend whose daughter is suffering leukemia and is going through chemotherapy which is causing her a lot of pain in her legs and feet. He was at my desk a couple weeks back and was telling me about her, I had about a 1/4 bottle of the Kure-it Rx4 healing oil with me and I gave it to him for his daughter to try to help her pain. Two days ago he emailed me and asked where he could get more as the oil was the only thing that seemed to bring her some relief from the pain.  

Amazing! I am considering becoming an affiliate member, but wanted to share some stories of success with you and thank you for bringing forth such an amazing healing aid.

 Anonymous :      

Hello, I wanted to let you know your Kure-it biblical healing oil gets
rid of cystic acne. It took a month to completely get rid
of it.
Fantastic. Also arthritis in wrists.
It calms the aching. Thank you my friends.


Hello Mr. Pennington, I wanted to share what a blessing your Kure-it biblical healing oils have been.  I shared them with my elderly parents and they have really brought incredible relief to many of their aches and pains.  We live in South America, and I truly believe God used them to answer our prayers and allow my parents to come down and visit us for Christmas through the relief it brought them.  God is good!!  My parents brought us down our set of Kure-it biblical oils, and they have so far served as a great preventative to the covid and dengue fever that’s been going around!  They are useful for so much!  Thank you for your oils!!

Brandie L.   Google Review  

This Oil is absolutely amazing. My husband fell down the stairs & fully dislocated his shoulder. I put the oil on to stop the extreme pain which it did within seconds, we then put the shoulder back in without having to go to hospital. I also use it if I get cold symptoms and it stops it straight away. I would never be without this oil now as it is the best oil I have ever used.

Benjamin Google review   
Great oil! I use this every day on anything from dry skin to cuts and bruises. I highly recommend this oil to everyone I meet for its quality and effectiveness. I have not been able to find anything this oil does not help. Within 10 minutes the pain is gone I often forget I have any injury at all.

Brandie E.      

Dear Gordon,

I just wanted to share with you something that was absolutely amazing. I was at the homeless Friday night cafe where they come for a meal and food to take away. We worship, preach and pray before giving them their food. I asked if any of them needed healing from pain with the Rx4 healing oil and around 7 of them came up and were absolutely in shock shouting 'wow how did that stop my pain.... its amazing'. 

During that time a trans lady who attended was looking away as she just came for food and nothing else. When she saw them shouting wow she asked one of the team to call me over to her. I went and asked what I could do to help? She said my head is really hurting can you put it on my head to stop the pain? I said 'of course I can, have you had the pain for a long time'? She said 'yes, I have voices in my head and if I don't do what they tell me to do or dress how they tell me I get pain'. I then put your Kure it Biblical Healing oil on her forehead, temples and back of her neck and she was in shock, the pain stopped immediately. I prayed for her and she gave her life to Jesus. 

It's so amazing how your oils are changing so many people's lives thank you so much  . My prayer is that so many more people will stop using pharmaceutical products and start using your healing oils which have been such a blessing in so many lives. May God bless you.

Kind regards,



Its safe for my dog "Lil' Bit" also, a small 5 lb chorkie.

She got bit from a spider twice. It swelled up something fierce. I used the oils immediately and the swelling went down overnight and healed completely in 3 days. PS i use the Kure it Rx8 pretty much on everything.

I also used it when she was bitten by another dog,  it got rid of the infection and she was no longer in pain. I also use it on unknown rashes, when she lost a tooth in fight, and anytime she seems under the weather. No reason for vet bills. I love using the oils on myself and my Lil Bit.

Blessings to all!

D. Goss       

Good mornin’ my friend!
I’m beginning to believe D stands for disciple, lol.
I’m so excited to hear about your ambassador program! I’ve already shared over a dozen bottles of Kure-it in multiple states across the country in only the past 2 weeks.
I’m also anxiously anticipating my next batch in the mail! Last night I finished one of my personal bottles on the road heading home from my run to Kansas. As a Semi Truck Driver, when the winter weather hits, it’s a workout on my upper body & strenuous on my arms, neck & shoulders. 

Thank God for the amazing oils you provide!!! Makes the journey so much more enjoyable.
Blessings this new Year to you & the team. 😉✨😇
      Love & Light,
         *D Goss

Nancy and Phil      

Dear Gordon and staff,
Thank you so much for your fantastic Good Samaritan healing and anointing oils.

They are so refreshing and effective we are leaving over the counter drugs behind!
I’m impressed with your speedy delivery, giving ministry, and service to our LORD.

May GOD continue to bless you in your service to others.


We are all recovered from Covid. I want to thank you so much. I’m trying the Rx8 maximum strength for my dad’s hip and back. He herniated a disk when he fell last week. I have a few friends ordering now.

The V-Shield nasal spray was phenomenal. I appreciate the time you took to talk to me.  It was so kind and made me feel that everything would be just fine. You are awesome. God Bless You. Have a blessed Christmas and a very prosperous New Year

Diana T.            

You already have my testimony on your site, but I’m telling people all day long at Nordstroms about it. I walked in to work today with an older lady who works in our alterations dept and she complained of terrible knee pain. So I gave her some and she came up to me later with eyes as wide as silver dollars so elated to not feel pain! She actually  asked to buy my vial which was in my pocket!!!  I’m so happy for her!!!!

Nancy D.        

Hi! My family is very happy with the effectiveness of the healing oils! We definitely feel good using them.

Dolores D.      

My friend came to our homeless mission last night with some of your Biblical healing oil.

It worked so well (extremely) that we’ve decided to invest in some as it really opened our dear ones up to The LORD’s healing care. They really wanted to know Him & give their lives once they experienced the oil!

Diana T.          

I Can’t wait to try the Kure it Rx8 Maximum Strength! Just the Kure it Rx4 healing oil has relieved my hip, sinuses and even a toothache so I can’t imagine how the Kure it Rx8 will feel. Hip replacement is a month off and this oil is keeping me going being on my feet 8 hours a day!

Denise G..          

I received and immediately applied the oils.


Took a little nap then reapplied the second time.

Absolutely no Pain or difficulty breathing.

Wow, I truly am amazed. God is Great!  And your pretty Awesome as well.Can’t wait to send to my mom & share this Healing Oil with others.

FYI, I had cracked a rib, was laid up in a hotel in excruciating pain for 3 days until I applied the oil.

Diana T.         

Oh my gosh I am really surprised at how well this works on my hip pain!!

I would never buy an oil online except Dr. Carrie Madej recommended it. I can sleep without pain waking me. I stand for my job and I’m not limping much anymore. I still need a hip replacement, but I trust that this oil will help with that too.  Incredible oil! I am so relieved! 

JK Dooley       


I wanted to thank you for your product. I am enjoy results from both the Good Samaritan biblical healing oil and the Kureit Rx4 bible healing oil.

I just love your packaging, from the funny little character on the label on the box, to the lovely sparkly bags the bottles arrive in. It is a treat to find a product that is packaged with such care. The little personal bible was a wonderful surprise. 

Thank you for creating this product, and for caring about people. I learned of you from Carrie Madej, whose opinion I trust. 

I appreciate the pricing specials, as well.

Thank you, and God bless you all.

Regards, JK Dooley   Custer, SD

Roni C.         

I've been using Good Samaritan Biblical Healing Oil for a year and a half. I received a bottle as a gift from Prof. Gordon. He noticed I was having back issues and joint pain. I believe it was from the 2 shots because that is when the pain started.  Due to these issues I was taking over 14 pills a day, prescription and over the counter. I was also using inhalers, patches and started drinking alcohol, heavily.

Since using the Good Samaritan Oil both topically and by mouth everyday, I have thrown away every pill, patch, inhaler and stopped drinking.  This healing oil is the reason I live pain free, and super healthy. It is truly a blessing from God. I use it every day to boost my immune and I carry it around in my pocket everywhere I go, in case I need it for myself or others that I may happen to run across. I share with all my friends & family. 

Blessings, Roni C.

Candie W.        

Dear Gordon,

Thank you for the two samples of Good Samaitan Oil you sent with my purchase. I love this oil.  I just wanted to let you know the man that was at the Trump rally in DC on Jan 6 was so nice!!!  He could tell I was in pain (  I need knee replacement).  He presented the oil to me and offered to apply help me apply it but we could not get to my knee so he gave me the whole sample bottle.  I applied it later that night at the hotel and found relief.  I love the smell and have always wanted to order some Frankincense and Myrrh due to their healing properties so I was very interested when he started telling me about the oil.

Anyway, I wanted you to know that I love the 'Good Samaritan Bible Healing Oil' and I appreciate the man that helped me in DC.  I am super excited about your products and want to try all of them soon.  If you were the man then I wanted to thank you for your kindness if it was someone that is helping you promote your oil then please know he is doing a wonderful job!!!!

I am looking forward to supporting your company.

Best wishes and God Bless, Candie

Jeri D.         

Good evening Gordon,

I thought I would give you an update on my use of using your Biblical Healing and Anointing Oils. This is my second week and I am extremely happy with the results.

I showered and applied the oil the same evening as receiving them in the mail.  I have neuropathy in my left eye, forehead and scalp from Shingles 7 years ago.  I have had that particular nerve burnt 2x to try to stop the pain unsuccessfully. My Doctor had me on Lyrica for the first 6 months after my Shingles and I took myself off of it, much to his disapprovement.  He has found that I do what is good for myself and not what they think is. I applied the oil under the left eye, over the left eyebrow (which is where the Shingles started). Over the left forehead and the scalp and also down the left side of my upper cheek bone area.

Wow, the pain on my forehead and scalp went away almost immediately.  Such a blessing. 

Get ready for this.  I have had a huge sensitivity to light for the past 7 years to the point of wearing my sunglasses almost constantly, even in the house.  The very next morning ( after applying the oil) and there after my light sensitivity is GONE!  One day while swimming at our city pool I suddenly realized I was not wearing my sunglasses and thought they had fallen off my head.  I didn’t have them or had even had them on and I wasn’t even squinting from the bright sun. I no longer have to put the oil under my left eye to keep the light sensitivity away.  I just can’t tell you what a blessing this is for me.

I have prayed for something to stop this light sensitivity and constant pain for the past 7 years.  One thing I learned and keep learning over and over… Everything in Gods timing. Thank you for your Oil for such as a time as this for my needs and so many other peoples needs.

I have a eye Dr. appointment on the 6th of Sept. and I can hardly wait for my optomologist to examine my eyes.  She is going to be as excited as I have been.  I am definitely taking the oil with me to show her.  I probably could become a distributor for you. I have several people interested in the oil and will definitely keep promoting your Anointed Oils… They are Anointed from our LordThank you for this amazing product.  

I also want to tell you that my special needs sister, whom I care for, had a sore on the outside of her upper side gums from her dentures rubbing. I had her apply the Oil and the pain went away instantly and in 2 days the sore was gone. Since it was the weekend I told her to try not to wear her dentures for the next day, which she did as I asked.  The sore was gone by Monday when we took her shopping.  She was due to have a dental check up a week later for this problem . $82.00 by the way.  I promptly cancelled it and she has been great ever since. 

Sincerely and Many More Thanks,

Jeri Doak   



Listening to Dr. Madej led me to buy your product. The next day I had regrets. I’m a sucker for impulse buys. I knew your oils weren’t any different than the dozens of other oils I’ve purchased in the past. None of them penetrated deep into the tissue for relief and I couldn’t believe yours was any better.

Before the product arrived I had already investigated what needs to be done to return the oil for a refund. I was prepared but when it arrived I still needed to affirm my conviction that it wouldn’t penetrate deep. And I was right. Rubbing into me stiff neck muscles I felt even less penetration than oils I already had in my medicine cabinet. But there was something about the fragrance that started to relax me, so I continued to rub further into my shoulders. And that fragrance was hypnotic. Reminded me of incense at church when I was a child.

As I relaxed into the fragrance there came an itchy tickling into the bottom of my feet. No joke because the chemotherapy drugs from 20 years ago gave my feet nerve damage neuropathy. All of a sudden came a correlation between the oil fragrance and slight relief of the neuropathy.

All so strange and now a day later it continues as well as improvement in my neck stiffness.

In good faith I can no longer return the product for refund. There was a benefit.

Really like the fragrance! Bless you and your work!Dr Carrie Madej talks with Prof Gordon Pennington about her use of the Kure-it Rx8 after her plane crash.

 Dr Carrie Madej        

Debbie & Daniel L.      


My name is Daniel, husband of Debbie L.. We received some of your products and samples recently for which we are very thankful. I have been using the Rx8 and GS oil on my shoulder. I've had rotator cuff surgery which has been a very painfull experience and have been on strong pain relief medication but with the help of these oils I have been able to stop using the meds. My wife too has found them very beneficial with a nerve pain she has at times that nothing else has ever given her any relief for. We have also used them to help some friends with their ailments and they too have experienced immediate relief. So thank you again for the samples. We had heard that this could be used to treat Covid so this is the only reason we originally wanted to have it on hand, in case anyone here contracted it. We will not vaccinate and we don't trust the hospital treatment methods. We did not even know it could be used for so much else. 

We are convinced that these oils can help us and others. 

Thanking you again and God Bless, Daniel and Debbie L.

Steve L.       

As a life long Motocross Racer if have literally destroyed my body.

I have broken my back in five places, have snapped a vertebrae in half and crushed a disk, both knees have broken acl's and are bone on bone and need replacing. 

I have metal in both shoulders and both ankles, I live in Pain every day, such pain that there are days I can't even walk. 

I have most every type of pain spray, cream and oil such as Australian dream, blue emu, icy hot, cbd/thc oils just to name a few, most of witch do absolutely nothing.

When I met Flash Gordon from Kure-it thru a mutual friend it was a Divine Appointment. 

I told him that if Kure-it will work for me it will work for anybody so he sent me some sample bottles.

After using Kure-it for a week I called Flash an gave him my positive feedback, I took a picture of 12 bottles and jars of the pain relief products that I have in my house and sent it to him by text msg and told him none of this stuff works like Kure- it. Unfortunately I have been using several prescription pain medications for 28yrs.

Kure-it helps with reducing swelling and pain to the point that I have been able to cut back on pain meds and have become a 100% believer in this amazing new product. 

I'm so happy with my results that I myself have become a healing partner with the Kure-It team.

With great gratitude,

Steve Laninovich father of professional Motocross/Supercross rider Billy Laninovich 

More from our Facebook Page:

I am very skeptical about any type of topical ointments because they all say they work and you pay the money, take it home, and the only thing different is the amount of money you started with! I have to be very honest right now and please understand that NO ONE is paying me or endorsing me to say this. I was giving an ointment tonight at the Citrus County Fair and those who know me know very well that I have knee pains due to a motorcycle accident. I came to my booth and sat down to eat dinner. While sitting down and grunting as I always do when my knees bend, I decided to give the oil a rub on both my knee caps. Believe me when I tell you that within 20 seconds of rubbing it in, I stood up in disbelief. I did not know what just happened! My knee caps did not ache and I was able to squat down just to make sure it wasn’t psychological. IT WORKED! I don’t know how but it worked and I’m in awe. If you were going to try anything just to try... I recommend trying this ointment from Kure-It-Now! You will not regret it!
Vertigo Cured!! I’d had labyrinthitis induced vertigo for several months when I tried the “Kure It” that I bought for skin irritations. Having tried everything that my ENT and PT could think of, plus Dr. Google, and a bunch of remedies that I just made up – I ran across my Kure It and thought “What the heck? It won’t hurt....” Sure enough-One drop in each ear at bedtime and I was noticeably better within a couple days and completely cured in a few weeks. Apparently the anti inflammatory properties soothed my cranky labyrinths enough to stop my head from spinning. WooHoo! I bought several more bottles to give away! Thanks guys!!!!
This product is sensational. I have terrible bone spurs on my feet from begging stages of arthritis....they give me constant daily pain. I used one small drop on each foot of the Kure it oil and was instantly relieved of all the pain!!!!!! This stuff is amazing!!
Bought some at the flea market in Orlando and my wrist/hurts from tendon surgery and it actually relieved the pain very fast...it’s a miracle!! Will be buying more for sure!!!!
I tried this for the first time this afternoon on my severely injured ankle. Pain decreased as did swelling. Will be using this oil daily.
Met flash at Okeechobee and his product Kure-it works miracles for sunburns! Would highly recommend this to everyone! Will definitely be buying this product for a very long time.
Kure It has amazing healing powers. I use Kure it when I'm stiff or have muscular pain! It works wonders, within a matter of minutes the pain is gone. It also has a great smell, which lifts my mood! I will continue to be a proud supporter and customer of Kure It!
Awesome product with amazing results. Kure it rainbow oils are great for relieving arthritis/ joint pain, muscle tensions, burns/ sunburn, wounds/ sores, acne/ psoriasis, cuts and scrapes. It is also an immune booster and antibacterial. It can also be used on bug bites and as a repellent. This blend of essential oils can be used topically and orally. Smells & tastes great and is a fast acting pain reliever. All ingredients are 100% natural and organic. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who can benefit from it.
These testimonials are given by each person how the Kure-it and Good Samaritan Biblical Healing oils infused with Frankincense and Myrrh have impacted their lives, and the lives of others they have shared it with.
To share your written or video testimonial email us @ kureitnow@gmail.com with yours!
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