The Kure it story.

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Kure it Bible Healing Oil was founded and discovered by Gordon Pennington originally in the year 2015.

When Gordon’s mother passed away in the spring of 2015, he called out to God. Gordon’s mother struggled with lifelong pain, suffering, and illness from asthma to arthritis. After her premature death in 2015, Gordon asked God where the power of healing comes from, and why everything he and the doctors had tried never worked. He was at a loss to figure things out on his own, but he knew God would have an answer.  God directed Gordon to research the healing instructions he provided in the Bible, and  to learn the difference between modern Pharmakia (translated sorcery in hebrew) and God’s way of natural healing through natural substances he created. 

    At this point Gordon's knowledge of these things was very limited, so after divining the Word of God, and through revelation from the Holy Spirit about healing with oil, Gordon found the chief spices, resins and herbs mentioned in the Song of Solomon; the instructions given Moses for making anointing oil in Exodus; and the instructions of Jesus in the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. Gordon also took special note of the gifts of the “wise men”, which God called wise and the gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh as equivalent to Gold. Then of course there was the Olive branch the dove brought back to Noah foretelling the importance of Olive Oil as the basis of the Biblical healing oils.

Yes, it is true that even our Lord Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to anoint people with oil, praying over them in faith and healing them as shown in Mark 6:13 and confirmed in James 5:14. Jesus our Messiah was also anointed himself at least 2 times in the scriptures with “precious oil”, worth a full year’s wages in one instance.

    Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Gordon stepped out in faith with the truth of God’s word seeking, finding and investing in the raw ingredients and equipment required to make this “precious oil" using the Myrrh and Frankincense resins and infusing them into the oil according to the “Art of Apothecary” as mentioned in Exodus 30:25-35. These two resins have been utilized for health and healing throughout history. The value placed on them in the Bible is so high that they were two of the three gifts the Wise Men brought to Jesus—in addition to Gold.

   A few months after creating the first batch, Gordon healed a friend’s second-degree burn. While at Gordon’s house, extreme scalding hot coffee accidentally spilled on the soft flesh between his thumb and forefinger. The burn was immediately red and swollen, and his friend was in excruciating pain. Gordon rushed to get his Bible Healing Oil and applied it to the burn. Within 30 seconds, the pain subsided completely. Within 5 minutes, his friend could touch the burn without any pain. Due to Gordon’s immediate response, not even a blister formed, and all redness was gone within a few days, and he never felt pain from it again, he was Kured!

   Gordon chose the name Kure it after careful consideration and revelation from the holy spirit about the forces he was opposing in revealing this to the people. The word “Kure” in Japanese means “the end, the finish”. So he developed the product line called Kure it Rx, with the first product being the Blue cap Kure it Rx1 in 2017 at (12.5% strength). The following year he brought out the Good Samaritan Oil (Rx2@25%) making it double the strength to be used in our ministry work and for the healing ministries serving the people in need. In 2019 Kure it brought out the Kure it Rx4 (50% strength) and the Kure it Rx8 (100%) Maximum strength. 

    Since releasing the Kure it & Good Samaritan healing oils in 2018, the response has been overwhelming. For most persons, our oils can help eliminate or drastically reduce the need for many prescription and over the counter medications Clients that keep our oils on hand report fewer doctor’s appointments; trips to the emergency room; sick days; and surgeries.  The pain relief has been so impressive, that many clients utilize our oils as an alternative to opiate and fentanyl  prescriptions and other mind altering and addictive drugs that are plaguing our current generation.

    Users have enthusiastically shared their testimonials (see testimonials) of how they used these powerful Kure it Bible Healing oils, for Pre- and Post-Surgical Pain Relief; Arthritis; Sprains; Strains; Herniated Disks; aching Knees; Hip; Neck and Back pain; Muscle pain; Burns, Sunburn; Acne, Psoriasis; Cuts; Scrapes; Bug bites; Spider bites; Sinuses; Earaches; Headaches; Vertigo; Covid; Common Cold; Flu; Cancer; Stress relief; Anxiety, and more!

In 2020 with the onset of COVID madness, Gordon upped his game by creating the Oil of Elijah healing and anointing oil. This oil is made using the highest quality Omani Sacred Green Frankincense and Grade A Myrrha, along with pure Sandalwood resins. This version is even more powerful and longer lasting than the Kure it Rx8 maximum strength. All Kure it healing oils are made directly by Professor Gordon and hand packaged by him or under his direct supervision in accordance with what he has been commanded by the Holy Spirit regarding the use and distribution of these precious oils.

Our goal at Rainbow Health Company is to provide the highest quality biblical healing products to help improve the life of every Christian believer, regardless of age, who chooses to use faith and natural foods for true healing and overcoming of disease. Also, we are networking with healers, watchmen, elders and church groups who are helping others, to equip them with the tools and knowledge they need in order to lead people into a self healing lifestyle.

Prof. Gordon Pennington and Kure it Biblical Healing Oils also have the endorsement of many natural health professionals and Doctors who are on the front lines helping people find true healing. These professional endorsements include: The A.G.E.S. group: Dr. Ardis, Dr. Ealy, Dr. Group & Dr. Schmidt. Kure it is also proud to be a sponsor for the Healing for the AGES conferences held every year in Dallas, Texas, as well as the MASTERCLASS Podcast. We are also growing fast through our Gold Eagles Club affiliate and wholesale program, through which we help support others in their work.

Kure it also has endorsements and testimonials from other frontline warriors like Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, and many more!

    God used the lifelong pain, suffering, and tragic death of Gordon’s mother to motivate him to find Biblical answers to health and to learn healing God’s Way.  We hope the Kure it Biblical Healing Oils will prove helpful in relieving and healing whatever ails you and your loved ones.  

May the LORD bless you.

Here Prof. Gordon explains how to use the Kure it Bible Healing Oils.

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