V-Shield Nasal Defense Combo Pack

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V-Shield Defense Combo Pack 

The V-Shield Defense Combo Pack can help you with the COVID, Cold, Flu symptoms or just seasonal allergies. Acting as a super anti-Inflammatory & anti-viral natural anointing oil, this combo pack is your best option to help with natural therapeutic treatment of symptoms as well as root causes of the disease: 

COVID Defense Combo Pack:

You Get :

1)  V-Shield Combo Pack 3/10/20/30ml  ($109.95 Value)


1 x 3ml  V-Shield Alkaline oil refillable glass dropper bottle

1 x 10ml V-Shield Alkaline oil Nasal Applicator

1x 20ml V-Shield Alkaline oil Plastic Drip top

1 x 30ml V-Shield Alkaline oil refill glass dropper bottle


V-Shield Super Alkaline Oil is an anti-viral decongestant that helps:

  • relieve sinus pressure

  • soothe sore throats

  • cool inflamed sinuses

  • relieve headaches

  • stop itchy/runny nose

  • restore proper breathing

  • clear stuffy nose

  • boost immune response naturally

  • disinfect nasal cavity/bronchial/throat

  • protect from airborne virus/pollutants

  • mitigate effects of ionizing gases

Made from the Kure-it Rx healing oil & using a combination of infused oils and essential oils, V-Shield Alkaline Oil offers the best results, and its completely safe & natural.

Your skin is your body’s natural shield against bacteria, viruses, parasites and the elemental forces. V-Shield Alkaline Oil helps strengthen your cells, boost energy and vitality and boost the immune system. 

Essential oils vs Topical.

V-Shield Alkaline Oil is made using the highest quality ingredients for super fast results. Just a few drops up the nose helps restore natural breathing while disinfecting and protecting the nasal cavity membrane, which is also a type of skin membrane.

V-Shield Alkaline Oil is a natural defense against bacteria and viruses, and using our exclusive flash infusion process to trap the smoke essence of frankincense and myrrh into the oil makes V-Shield Alkaline Oil the most powerful natural therapy for COVID, cold and flu.

Read testimonials from people who were benefited tremendously using V-Shield Alkaline Oil for Covid, Cold and Flu therapeutically with amazing results.

Cuch       12/2022      testimonial

We are all recovered from Covid. I want to thank you so much. I’m trying the Rx8 strength for my dad’s hip and back. He herniated a disk when he fell last week. I have a few friends ordering now. The nasal spray was phenomenal. I appreciate the time you took to talk to me.  It was so kind and made me feel that everything would be just fine. You are awesome. God Bless You. Have a blessed Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

It is True:

These precious resins have been used for thousands of years to combat disease, skin ulcers, and even plagues. 

Essential oils are great, but infused oils are better.

V-Shield Alkaline Oil  is your best offense and defense against airborne viruses and bacteria.

Whether you are in a busy airport, subway train, city bus, in a hospital waiting room or just traveling with family, make sure you are covered with V-Shield Alkaline Oil. 

They have burned myrrh in tombs for centuries to kill odors and kill bacteria. In the ancient days, wine kegs were sealed and disinfected by burning myrrh in the barrels before filling them. 

V-Shield Alkaline Oil is available in dropper bottles or our new nasal spray applicator.


There is no better thing to have in your medicine cabinet, in fact this will replace most of the items you already spend money on, and works better.  You are likely to save 10x this amount if someone gets sick or hurt over using new age medicine, which is sorcery. 

The natural ingredients in these oils help stimulate and strengthen the natural immunity of the body, accelerate wound healing, helping deliver natural inflammation/pain relief.  Helps Increased blood flow and are antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancer, and alkalizing for the body.

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