All the Benefits You Get When Using a Biblical Healing Oil

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There are different types of healing oils used in the bible for religious and medicinal uses. In this article, we will discuss some of the healing oils of the bible and the benefits that come with them. 

The following are some of the healing oils of the bible and the benefits that come with using them; 


Cedarwood has a long history with traditional medicine. It was used in ancient Egypt to embalm dead bodies due to the belief that it has preservative properties for the afterlife. It is also used in Tibet traditional medicine for its healing and cleansing abilities. 

In the bible, cedarwood was referred to as hyssop and was used to cleanse a person. According to many scriptural passages, it was cleansing and healing lepers. In modern-day medicine, it is used to prevent hair loss and is a good treatment option for ADHD. It has also been proven to help with sleeping. 


This is another healing oil of the bible. While it is popularly used as a spice for food, it also works as an anointing oil and has a strong and attractive scent. Cinnamon is a by-product of a tree known as cassia, whose bark is dried and ground into a powder. 

It is also used in the bible, where God instructed Moses to combine cinnamon with other ingredients to make a sacred anointing oil. However, apart from its culinary and anointing properties, it also worked as a treatment option for stomach ulcers and was used to treat parasitic worms. 


This item is popular as part of the gifts given to baby Jesus on his birth by the three wise men. However, outside of the Christmas story, frankincense has health benefits, including promoting a healthy immune system and boosting skin health at the cellular level. 

Its use in the bible involved Moses and frankincense was one of the items God told him to combine to form a sacred anointing oil. It also works as a natural incense and a natural healer. 

In biblical times, it was used to heal any disease people were plagued with at the time. However, in modern medicine, frankincense works for shrinking tumors, boosting the immune system, and reducing inflammation. 


The healing oils of the bible still have a valid and effective use in today’s medical practice. They work for different diseases and health issues. Therefore, you should buy the best oil for healing.

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