Missions of Healing

Our Mission:

Is to be witnesses of truth to the last generation and to deliver all we can from the bondage of lies of the pharmaceutical companies & their sorcery trained doctors using the most powerful weapon God has given to us.. the truth, the name of Jesus Christ and real healing oil.

We are dedicated to helping the sick, homeless and addicts in overcoming these things through faith in Gods natural healing, using his knowledge and for his miracles to be evident in the hidden works of his hand through the holy spirit. Glory goes to Jesus Christ for all we do and all we have is his to use for his kingdom.

Here are some of our Missions over the past years:

2016 Electric Forest Festival: Our First Mission


 An average crowd gathering for a performance at Electric Forest Festival.
Held every year in Rothbury, Michigan this 1-2 week EDM music and light festival attracts upwards of 30,000 people each year. As one of the first official missions for the Kure-it Rx healing oils, Gordon and 2 other disciples spent 7 days healing hundreds of people of many wounds, burns, broken ankles, sunburn, poison ivy, headaches and toothaches, bad knees and joints and preaching repentance of sin and Gods saving love in Jesus Christ to this generation. The power of healing was with us, and we were a powerful witness to the truth of Gods word. 


Many false spiritual teachings are available here for people to learn lies.
As a father, I know the importance of communicating truth to those who are wandering into the traps of the devil. These children are as important to God as my own flesh and blood. In these events illicit drug use is very prevalent, as is sexual immorality, and people coming into these environments are barraged with temptations, as well as evil spirits that inhabit the people who worship false gods. 

2016 Camp Bisco Music Festival:

A storm gathering on the horizon!
After the amazing success in reaching these young people using the anointing and healing oils, Gordon and his team decided to hit the next festival in the circuit, Camp Bisco in PA, a 3 day music festival, where we again anointed and healed many hundreds of people.   



2017 Solar Eclipse Festival, Oregon

Flash Gordon at the 2017 solar eclipse festival
Gordon speaking with the healing team prior to the event.
In Sept of 2017 Gordon and a team of 5 disciples took a 3,000 mile trip from Florida to Prineville, Oregon and back for the 2017 Solar Eclipse festival and around 30,000 people showed up to this event. Again, Gordon and his team were busy healing, anointing and praying for people. We helped bring many to faith in Jesus Christ, and made them aware of the times ahead. We also made many good friends in the eternal brotherhood of Jesus Christ.


2017 Solar Eclipse Festival Prineville, Oregon
A map of the event held on a ranch in eastern Oregon in the high desert. 
Very cold mornings in the high desert of Oregon, this was the moment we met Tyler N. 
Overall the success of this event led to the next few events, and a growing of the brotherhood. I couldn't even tell you how many peoples lives were changed by this mission, but God does know.



2017 Hurricane Maria Relief in Dominique.

Gordon helping a stroke victim recover his mobility.
Our trip to the island of Dominica with Tyler N. of SoulR and Operation Resilient Dominica. Category 5 Hurricane Maria left the island of Dominica with out electricity or running water which also effected the economy severely. Our mission helped testify to and heal over 500 people, most of whom received a free bottle of Kure-It healing oil. We also helped teach people about natural healthy choices in diets, proper wound care and faith in Jesus Christ. One thing that was proven with this event is that the current medical system breaks down immediately once electricity is gone! Without the ability to perform lab tests and refrigerate their "Pharma", they closed the doors to most clinics, and only the ones with electric were operating at reduced capacity.  Thankfully, the people were very receptive to the oils and even the medical people were thankful for our presence. We donated 300 bottles of oil to the main clinic for use on wounds, etc.  The other thing is that many of the normal distractions went away, and most people put their faith in God's mercy and restoration.
Hurricane relief volunteer crew helping with clean water, healing and power restoration, special thanks to Tyler N.(no shirt above) for sponsoring my trip.

2018 Lake Okeechobee Music Festival

After the success in Dominique, my friend Tyler N. sponsored us to come to another event in Florida, a 3 day music festival in Lake Okeechobee, FL.


Gordon speaking to a group of young people about the works of God.
Once again, Gordon got a team of disciples together, many of the same ones from the 2017 Oregon solar eclipse festival trip, as well as a few more volunteers. The team did what we were called to do, anoint & heal, proclaim the gospel and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Many of our volunteers are those from previous festivals that heard and received our message, and have rededicated their life to Gods kingdom work.
It would be very hard to describe how effective these powerful anointing oils are to opening people to hear God's word of truth. Unfortunately, many of these young people came out of blind churches who don't actually follow Gods words, but merely speak them. We come as examples of the living word, breaking the yokes of pain and sickness, Spiritual oppression and the lies of the world. If I were to detail all the miracles of faith we witnessed, as well as all the attacks of the devil, it would be a long article. Needless to say that the holy spirit used us as willing vessels.

2018 Sept. Imagine Music Festival

While at the Okeechobee music festival, I met another good friend, Josh and his friend Stacy, and after healing them, they sponsored us to come to the Imagine Music Festival and supplied us with booth spaces in 2 locations and free event passes for our healing crew.

Our booth setup, where we healed and anointed many hundreds of people!

With a crew of dedicated young disciples, we were a powerful witness again to upwards of 25,000 young people from across the country to the power of the healing and anointing upon us. We had a team of 16 people, working the booths and the event, witnessing, anointing & healing and proclaiming the everlasting gospel. Tens of thousands were influenced and heard the message!

2019 Kure-it Goes to Israel, Turkey and Bulgaria!

In 2019 the Lord put it in my heart to go visit a ministry in Bulgaria that we have been supporting. This was a solo trip, and my journey took me through a few countries including Israel for 2 days. 

Tel Aviv in the background from Old Yaffa.

While i wanted to turn my face to Jerusalem, the LORD had shown me that would come later, as I had limited time, so I toured Old Yaffa and then went to Tel Aviv. I would like to say my time was pleasant there, but unfortunately I was saddened by all the evil being done openly in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv. 

The Kure-it Rx healing oils.

I had more oils than clothes. And yes, my staff went with me all the way!

Another view from Old Yaffa of Tel Aviv.

I liked this view better than staring at sparkly high rise buildings!
With only 2 days available, I used the time as best as I could. I pray my next trip to Israel has more success! In all I believe I may have been able to help 10 or so people who would receive the oil in faith.


Off to Turkey now!

I had arranged for 7 days in Turkey before going on to Bulgaria. This was actually time for me to relax and just focus on what God has in front of me, as well as I had some historical research regarding the oils in the early church. 


Glad to be moving on!

My amazing new friend Ercument was waiting for me in style!

Ercument was my security, translator and driver for the entire 7 days!

The only spice shop in Turkey now carrying the Kure-it Rx healing oils!

Whitewater Rafting in the mountains, the people very friendly and hospitable!

I saw thing I hadn't even imagined!


Quite beauty in unexpected places!

Next: Mission Bulgaria!

Next I was off to Bulgaria to a Roma Gypsy slum called Nadezdha. This is a mission I have supported from the beginning, through a few different missionaries. The anointing and healing accelerated here as I found them fully receiving of the oils and message. These simple ad poor people really put their trust in God as they are shunned by Bulgarian people as trash, and have contained 40,000 plus of them in a small ghetto called Nadezdha, where living conditions are unsanitary in most cases due to abject poverty.


Arriving at the airport. 

It didn't take long to start anointing and praying for people!
Not wasting any time, i started training the young men in anointing and prayer for deliverance. These people have an extreme amount of courage and faith, and it wasn't long until they were doing most of the work.


These boys are dedicated to doing Gods work, to help deliver their people from poverty and spiritual darkness. Miroslav (on left) has been a minister to these people for quite a few years, a humble servant.


Many of these children have so little in physical possessions, but the spirit of love and joy of life is not quenched. These kids really need education and encouragement, which the ministries in Nadezdha we support are providing these things

There is more to come!
Here is Gordon speaking about our newest mission from 2023 and beyond:


Thank you for helping supporting our mission.

Gordon Pennington



Good Samaritan Healing oil blend applied to a knee in pain.


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