St. Nicholas and the benefits of using anointing oils

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Article _ St. Nicholas and the benefits of using anointing oils

By Prof Gordon Pennington

In prayer, anointing with ointment or olive oil symbolizes the power of God. In fact, it is meant to get to the believer's heart and mind so that he can be changed.

Saint Nicholas and his myrrh healing oils:

The real Santa Claus aka St. Nicholas

A lot of places in the world are named after the Saints who used these oils to heal and help demonically oppressed and possessed people recover and be healed from disease and sickness through anointing and the prayer of faith as commanded in James 5:13.

A good example of this is Saint Nicholas who was bishop over a city in Turkey name Myra around 200 AD. As I have personally visited this site in 2019 during my trip to find out about the myrrh healing oils he used.

Prof. Gordon Pennington in Myra Turkey

He is remembered as the saint of Virgins and helping the poor and hurt. He would heal people with his myrrh healing ointment, and many people came to bring him gifts and offerings to help others as well. Today, the excavated ruins of his church is a museum where they have Saint Nicholas Anointing oil for sale, myrrh anointing oil and many of the gift shops have the best anointing oil bottles sale, along with other religious items and tokens for Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas myrrh healing oils

Myra, an important city dating back to the 5th century BC, derives its name from the myrrh tree (commiphora myrrha) which exudes a reddish-brown resin that becomes precious myrrh which in ancient times was a valuable trading commodity. Many of the hymns for Saint Nicholas highlight the fact that Saint Nicholas was Archbishop in a place named after myrrh and that his relics exude oil which smells of myrrh.

. . . dwelling in Myra thou hast diffused the fragrance of myrrh, and thou pourest out the ever-flowing myrrh of the grace of God . . . .


The ancient church down the street has a great image of a woman with a jar of golden oil on a fresco outside, which i thought was wonderful:


You can read more about St. Nicholas and his mission here:


While I do not personally believe in religious tokens or praying to Martyred saints, I do know he is blessed for the saintly wonderworking miracles he did and is loved by God for honoring his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ through those deeds of mercy and faith to the poor, sick, and widows.

It is true that miracles happen

Many people who believe have been healed by using Good Samaritan oil and other healing and anointing oils in miraculous fashion from many afflictions to the body, mind and spirit, as well as oppressive demonic forces stopped and cast out from persons afflicted by them. It just takes faith and trust in Jesus Christ name of power.

It is true that formerly sick persons get very emotional when they talk about how they got better using the Good Samaritan oil in faith and how thankful and excited they are to share it with others.

This is how it was for Roni, who had tinnitus. A friend told her that she should buy some Good Samaritan healing oil, so she did. She then put it on her ears and prayed and after a few hours the ringing and pain stopped and hasn’t come back since then.

Another time a father was also surprised when his child was constantly having nightmares. He started praying to the Precious Blood of Jesus and then he put Good Samaritan oil on his son's forehead and neck, then the window and door jambs and prayed to Jesus for deliverance. His son hasn't had any more nightmares since that night.

How to use the Good Samaritan healing and anointing oil

The Good Samaritan frankincense & myrrh healing and anointing oil available at is not a miracle cure by itsel. It does allow people who believe in Jesus Christ to show that they trust and believe in him, as well as have their pains relieved and wounds cared for according to what the bible teaches using frankincense and myrrh ointment.

Good Samaritan anointing oil can be used in different ways. You can apply it to yourself, in case of difficulties or if you are ill or hurt directly on wounds for disinfection, pain relief and faster healing. In the case of joint or internal pain rub the Good Samaritan anointing oil on the area of pain as well. It is very handy to have with you everywhere in case of emergency.

Most of the time, it's used like this: Dip your right thumb into the Good Samaritan oil, then make the sign of the cross on your forehead while saying "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

After you put the oil on, you can pray as usual, whether it's a prayer for healing, repentance, or something else. If you're hurt or sick, make the sign of the cross over the area that hurts or is in pain and making sure any wounds are completely covered by the Good Samaritan healing and anointing oil, while you pray, thanking Jesus for forgiving you and healing you.

You can also anoint your whole body after a shower for an invigorating boost of energy and pain relief, relaxing muscles and melting away all stress.

Anointing oil to protect your home

You can also use Good Samaritan healing and anointing oil to protect your home or bless a new one. To do this, make sure to get rid of anything in the house that you think might have come from a bad place. Then, put oil on the door and window frames of each room and pray to the Lord that the Holy Spirit will fill your home, and cast out any evil presence and guard it from evil and cursing. Then say peace to this house in the name of Jesus Christ, and by his Holy Spirit and the guardian angels of the heavenly Father of Lights.

Blessing to your walk in the faith of Jesus Christ our LORD,

Prof. Gordon Pennington MNH/PNH

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