Kure It Rx4 pack (Rx4, Rx2, Rx1, Fx1)

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This bundle contains our 4 most popular products:

Our Biblical Healing oils are powerful and effective, here 4 bottles of the essential oils you need.

20 ml Kure-it Rx1 is a revolutionary product that helps stop pain at the source, reduces inflammation, disinfects, and heals wounds up to 10 times faster than other traditional remedies! Applied topically, you will find Kure-It Rx1 refreshing for your skin, while the oils are absorbed directly into the bloodstream delivering nutrition at a cellular level. Using the newest advances in Flash Infusion Processing has set us apart from the competition with all of our oils being 100% natural.

20 ml GS oil Rx2 = Good Samaritan Oil is the oil we use in our missionary work. This is 2 times stronger than the Kure-it Rx1 formula, and people just love it.

20 ml Kure-it Rx4 for chronic pain, is a more concentrated (4 X stronger) level of our popular 1x oil, which allows this oil to be both quicker to reduce pain and more effective at relieving symptoms. For a longer lasting effect, try Kure-it Rx4 today!

20 ml Face-it Fx1 your skin is your body’s natural shield against bacteria, viruses, parasites and the elemental forces, and that is why we developed Face-it. This product is a variation of our popular x1 oil, with the delicate skin of your face as its top priority. Most facial products on the market are water-based and therefore cannot penetrate the cell wall. This natural oil is absorbed by the skin, attacking problems at the root causes of ailments to solve the problem! Try Face-it today and see the visible difference.

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