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Summer Savings BOGO SALE 

We love giving away free oil, and we are stocked up for the occasion! Take advantage of the extra discount to stock up for a wild summer!

Summer BOGO savings end 06/11/2024!

No code needed! This discount is automatic and for a limited time!

No limits! use multiple times on multiple orders!

Works with all affiliate partner discount codes & Eagle club member discounts!

Must add more than 1 item to shopping cart!

Good for all combo gift packs and/or individual products!

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Affiliate Sponsor Discounts

Use your Affiliate Sponsor's code to get 20% off!

This affiliate sponsor discount supports the sponsor who referred you while you get a discount of 20% off your order! All affiliate sponsors aka Eagle Club Members can allow you to use their discount code for a 20% discount off your order. This code can be used multiple times and a percentage of each sale helps support your sponsor!

No minimum order, no expiration, plus these codes can be stacked with other available specials and automatic discounts for more savings!

Gold Eagle Club Discounts:

Become a Gold Eagle Club affiliate sponsor and get to up 50% off on top of any specials, discount or deals.

Soar with the Eagles in the Gold Eagle Club to become a healing affiliate and sponsor! You will get 50% off pricing for life along with many more benefits, including always having access to the best possible wholesale pricing, discounts and free product offers. When you join the Gold Eagle Club and become an affiliate sponsor we in turn sponsor you with your own discount code and a lifetime of benefits with one easy purchase. Find out more here.

Gold Eagle Club Information

Gold Eagle Club membership info for discounted healing oils.

How the discount codes work. 

First add your desired items to your shopping cart, then go to checkout and enter the applicable discount code in the appropriate box at checkout: if everything is correct, the discount should show as applied, and the price reduced by the appropriate amount.

Some codes can be used in conjunction with other codes, such as the sponsor codes and the Gold Eagle Club 50% off code should work with all automatic discount and any free product offers as long as the discount purchase conditions have been met.

If you are having issues using the discount codes: 

For free product codes: the item must be in the shopping cart for the discount code to apply. (i.e. buy one get one free codes require 2 items to be in the cart for one to be discounted. An offer for a free product must have the item in the cart to discount it). 

For order discount codes: Make sure the conditions are met i.e. minimum purchase amount, or minimum # of items, valid date, etc.

For any other issues, you can use the chat tool to contact us directly, or email us directly at

Thank you for your supporting our mission of healing!


Prof. Gordon Pennington