Fasting Boosts Cancer Fighting Ability Of (NK) 'Natural Killer' Cells!

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Flash Gordon: Life in the Fast Lane

By: Gordon Pennington

                I have to admit that I have been living life in the fast lane for the last seven years, and I am not ashamed of it at all… and in fact I am fasting as I write this article, being on day 3 of a 4 day water only fast. Life in the fasting lane is supercharged and full of wonderful experiences, growing in knowledge and understanding, leading to good health and a peaceful mind. Read on to learn why I chose life in the fast lane over the traditional lifestyle of packages foods, Doctors and modern Sorcery.

Question: Can fasting and/or intermittent fasting heal diseases and even fight cancer?

The answer is yes and even modern medicine is admitting these facts now, as people are using this to heal in spite of the poisonous treatments doctor’s are giving them.

From a recent article on ZeroHedge.Com:

Fasting Boosts Cancer Fighting Ability Of (NK) 'Natural Killer' Cells!

“Fasting can program certain immunity cells in the body to fight cancer better and improve the cell’s ability to survive in a tumor environment, according to a recent study.”

A new study published in the journal Immunity on June 14, looked at how fasting affected natural killer (NK) cells, a type of white blood cell capable of killing damaged or abnormal cells like cancer and those infected by a virus. The presence of a higher number of killer cells within a tumor is usually seen as beneficial for a cancer patient. Researchers found that fasting can reprogram the metabolism of natural killer cells, improving their ability to fight cancer and enabling the cells to survive in the harsh environment within and around the tumors.

“Fasting can program certain immunity cells in the body to fight cancer better and improve the cell’s ability to survive in a tumor environment, according to a recent study.”

Our findings identify a link between dietary restriction and optimized innate immune responses, with the potential to enhance immunotherapy strategies” of cancer patients, the paper said.

In other words: ‘fasting supercharges the (NK) or natural killer cells which fight cancer and infections.’

Read the full article here: 

In another similar article referencing a different study on :

Study Finds Intermittent Fasting Protects Against Liver Inflammation And Cancer

A new study has found that intermittent fasting may protect against liver inflammation and even liver cancer.

The study, conducted at the German Cancer Research Center and the University of Tübingen and published in the journal Cell Metabolism, aimed to understand more about how intermittent fasting can affect the liver. The researchers found that intermittent fasting can halt the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a precursor to chronic liver inflammation and liver cancer.

“In recent years, caloric restriction and fasting studies have stumbled upon many positive health benefits. Some of the benefits include cancer prevention. It is well established that metabolic factors such as high levels of insulin and blood sugar, increase the risk of breast cancer.” Dr. Francisco Contreras told The Epoch Times in an email. Dr. Contreras is a board-certified oncologist who treats patients in California and Mexico.

Intermittent fasting has proven to reduce the incidence of this malignancy and also to reduce the risk of recurrence after treatment. Patients that could do intermittent fasting during treatment experienced relief of chemotherapy-induced adverse effects and cytotoxicity with significant improvement of their quality of life.”

"Study Finds" has also has an article highlighting this study:

"Intermittent fasting may supercharge ‘natural killer’ cells to destroy cancer."

Intermittent fasting may supercharge ‘natural killer’ cells to destroy cancer

This is where fasting enters the picture. The researchers found that periods of fasting actually “reprogrammed” these NK cells, making them better equipped to survive in the dangerous tumor environment and more effective at fighting cancer.

Tumors are very hungry,” says immunologist Joseph Sun, PhD, the study’s senior author, in a media release. “They take up essential nutrients, creating a hostile environment often rich in lipids that are detrimental to most immune cells. What we show here is that fasting reprograms these natural killer cells to better survive in this suppressive environment.”

“During each of these fasting cycles, NK cells learned to use these fatty acids as an alternative fuel source to glucose,” says Dr. Rebecca Delconte, the lead author of the study. “This really optimizes their anti-cancer response because the tumor microenvironment contains a high concentration of lipids, and now they’re able enter the tumor and survive better because of this metabolic training.”

Read the full article here:

Life in the Fast Lane by Flash Gordon:

There are few things in life as pleasurable as a good meal, and probably everyone knows the saying: ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Eating food is something that seems natural to us and we are always told to eat 3 meals a day with certain foods, in food groups for which they have nutrition charts, and teach in public schools is what most people understand. In fact after breathing air, it is probably the next most important thing to a person, so when someone tells you not eating is healthy, it goes against everything most people understand and believe.

The bible speaks of fasting and prayer as an integral part of life and healing and has been used in therapeutic healing for thousands of years. Even Job and his 3 friends fasted for 7 days in complete silence when he had much tribulation of his flesh, and the devil was afflicting him.

The first time I considered fasting was when I had been diagnosed with a few diseases like recurring Bladder cancer and high blood pressure over 7 years ago. When I found no solutions in the current medical system, I sought answers in the bible where I kept finding references to repentance, fasting and prayer when someone was sick. So I thought repenting from what? Well to make a long story short, I found that I was eating more flesh (animal flesh) than meat (vegetables and grains), as well as a high sugar intake through sodas and some junk food thrown on top. So in essence the repentance is turning away from things that are not good for you and receiving the things God made to be good for us instead. This is called repenting and forsaking the bad things and receiving the change in lifestyle choices.

Is Fasting Biblical?

The Bible mentions many reasons why people fast. Usually, fasting is associated with a spiritual breakthrough of some kind, the release of blessing on a higher level (personally, for a group of people, or for a nation), or a new phase of life or ministry.


Top Bible Verses about Fasting

Both the Old Testament and New Testament teach the value of fasting, which is abstaining from food or drink in order to focus on prayer and seeking God's will. Fasting is mentioned over 70 times throughout Scripture. In the Old Testament, there were two types of fasting: public and private. Both types offer great spiritual benefits.

Through many examples of people in the Bible who fasted, we can know that God grants supernatural revelation and wisdom through this practice. Moses, Daniel, and even Jesus fasted! Scripture tells us that fasting will help us grow a more intimate relationship with Christ and will open our eyes to what He wants to teach us.

From:  this is a good resource for scriptures about fasting.

Matthew 6:16-18 - “And when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces that their fasting may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Joel 2:12 - “Yet even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning;

Daniel 10:3 - I ate no delicacies, no meat or wine entered my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, for the full three weeks. (Learn more about the Daniel Fast)

Ezra 8:23 - So we fasted and implored our God for this, and he listened to our entreaty.

Isaiah 58:6 - “Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?

Acts 13:2 - While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

Psalm 69:10 - When I wept and humbled my soul with fasting, it became my reproach.

Acts 14:23 - And when they had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord in whom they had believed.

Exodus 34:28 - So he was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights. He neither ate bread nor drank water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments.

Nehemiah 1:4 - As soon as I heard these words I sat down and wept and mourned for days, and I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven.

  1. Fasting and prayer can help us hear from God.
    2. Fasting and prayer can reveal our hidden sin.
    3. Fasting and prayer can strengthen intimacy with God.
    4. Fasting and prayer can teach us to pray with right motives.
    5. Fasting and prayer can build our faith and or resolve.
  2. For more Biblical information on fasting:

What is Good Food?

It is written in Genesis: ‘Let every herb that bears seed and every fruit from the trees that have the seed in it be “meat” for you, and even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said “let food be thy medicine”.  The food God designed to be good for us doesn’t come in a box, through a drive through window or in a can. It comes from the earth, which every person has the right to grow their own food, and even trade with others for it. If it is not natural, then it is probably more poisonous than it is nutritious.

My First Fast:

I started with a 10 day Daniel diet eating only vegetables, fruits and water. I felt so amazing by day 5 that I started planning my first 7 day fast right after I finished. Well I made it 3 days first, then ate one meal and went 4 days more. I felt amazing and I would have gone 7 days straight, but I went to visit my good friend Mathew who invited me to stay for dinner with him and his wife. I didn’t want to refuse him, as it was the first time he had offered something like this, and I had not told anyone I was fasting.

Needless to say that while it is not an easy thing to do, neither is anything you are not used to. I will tell you that once you start fasting, anything over 3 days should be done in silent inner reflection and away from others as much as possible, and that once you start fasting everyone will want to offer you your favorite food or snack.

It appears science is catching up with God’s knowledge and confirming his teachings are for our own good, and if we listen to him we can be healed from diseases and afflictions of the flesh.

What types of Fasting are most effective?

There are a few types of fasting, each with their own physical and spiritual benefits:

  • Daniel Diet 10 days water only and organic alkaline vegetables, preferably raw, a beginner level.
  • Intermittent Fasting:
  1. Eating only within an 8 hour window each day (more lifestyle, long term healing)
  2. Fasting for 24 hours for 2 days a week (fight disease, lose weight, and detox)
  • 3 day water only fast (supercharges the immune response, clears the mind (best followed up by 1) or 2)A/B)
  • 7 Day water only fast is for more advanced and should be done alone or under supervision or guidance.

I have personally done every one of these types of fasts, and even a 28 day water only fast in the summer of 2022. I have been living life in the fasting lane for the last 7 years, fasting once or twice per year for 7 days. My normal dietary lifestyle is intermittent fasting (2A) where I usually eat in an 8 hour window. Every 6 months I do a 7 day water only fast for spiritual and physical benefits. Even the Muslim religion teaches people to fast for 40 days during Ramadan (intermittent fasting from sunrise to sundown no food or drink (A2)), and as we were in Israel during this last Ramadan in May/April 2024 we got to see this first hand.

Don’t go at this blind, if you don’t know much about fasting and nutrition check out EHI, the Energetic Health Institute. Dr. H. has courses on fasting and benefits as well as nutritional courses. There are also teachings on fasting available from the Healing For the AGES conference in Fall of 2023 in the replays section of EHI website. All these courses can be purchased at a discount using code KUREIT:

In my personal life experience, fasting and prayer has been one of the best tools for staying healthy and focused, and even overcoming wrongful desires of the flesh and mind. Fasting has many great benefits including liver health, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, mental focus and clarity, fighting cancer, helping strengthen resolve and strengthening the spirit. There are also studies showing fasting to make a person smarter and help relieve anxiety.

In Summary:

Whatever your plans are for health and nutrition, you should consider adding fasting to your health routine, and especially over/or alongside any traditional treatments you may decide to use….. Fasting is actually free, can start today and doesn’t need a prescription.

Note also that it also says in the bible that when you fast, put oil on your head and face and go about as if you were not fasting and the Lord shall reward you openly before men.

My blessings and my prayers are with you,

Gordon Pennington

Notice: This article is opinion, facts and my testimony. I always suggest you discuss any major life changes with God first through prayer and/or fasting first.


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