Overdosed? This recent study shows a "Generational Crisis" is upon us!

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To destroy a generation of people and a country's future is a crime against humanity, and an act of war. 

Overdosed Americas drug problem

In today's world nobody is immune from the effects of the drug addiction problems, or their mostly fatal consequences.  Everyone it seems has a relative or friend that has experienced addiction or the consequences of these things.

Today's opioid crisis is destroying a generation of families, relationships and marriages, turning children against their parents, and parents against their children, and this is not even the worst part of it. 

This is being done by the evil people who want to destroy our society and take control of us. If they cannot control you, it is just as easy to poison you with your acceptance and full permission.

Opioid deaths are under reported:

In a new study conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center, it states that U.S. deaths related to opioid overdoses may be higher by 28% than originally reported due to inadequate death records. Certain states may be especially inaccurate, with Pennsylvania, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi specifically being mentioned as the largest offenders. 

Opioid overdose crisis underreported

 It’s estimated that the opioid deaths in these states may be more than double what was originally reported, and that more 1 in 5 young adult deaths are attributed to overdose due to opioids. 

Read the full article here: Disturbing study shows opioid crisis is worse than they thought.

What is the actual problem?

Well, we have to start with accepting the facts as they are, we can then act to address the root issues. Here are a few facts that may help us to address the root of the issue:

1) Most Americans are drug addicts. 

Yes, unfortunately they are addicted (mentally at least) to pharmaceutical magic pills and potions that alleviate the symptoms that are evidence of the poisons they are consuming.

We as adults go to the doctor and do everything they tell us, in fact most people know more about the drugs they are taking and the (likely) side effects than they do the foods they are eating, many of which contain these same poisons. 

2) Most Americans trust their Doctor more than God.

Through the brainwashing of the education system, the corporate media & news, Hollywood and the scientific industry controlled by the petro chemical industrial complex most Americans have come to believe the lie that poison heals. 

3) Americans want easy answers.

As Americans, we have had it fairly easy for a good while. So when we as Americans hear about a quick fix that requires no actual change, we are all aboard. If someone tells you that it may take a minute to do it right using natural means, they are quickly dismissed. When the quick fix doesn't work as expected, they are quickly drawn to the next "miracle cure" like stems cell therapies, patches, shock therapy, pills and potions. 

4) Drugs are Poison.

The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, and I believe this is literally true. The word for pharmaceutical is from the Greek word "Pharmakia" which is a direct translation to "sorcery" in the Hebrew language. 

God describes sorcery as poison and says the you are "lucky to escape their care", and even in the new testament there was Simon the sorcerer, who amazed people with his abilities, but was reproved by the apostles.

In Revelations we are told that it is the root of the deception of the nations:

"For your merchants were the great men of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery." (Rev 18:23)

5) God has answers, and they have always been available to us.

God has always been able to heal us. It is only when we doubt God and look for answers from others that we get in trouble. There is nothing wrong with going to a doctor for an evaluation to find out what is wrong with us, or to set a broken bone. It is what we do after that which can have longer term consequences, sometimes even deadly.

Many people get introduced to and addicted to prescription drugs and opiates because of looking for relief from pain. The doctors will never tell you about natural pain relief options, if they even know of any. Most doctors have less than 8 hours of nutritional studies in their 12 years of study. 

Unfortunately it is not just pain either.... from high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes to anxiety, depression and even demonic oppression these sorcerers have a pill or shot for that as well.

How can we make a difference?

God's word is amazing and if we look to it we can find answers that the world doesn't understand, being clouded by scientific theory and demanding of scientific proof. This is the Greek mindset, which leads to doubt and disbelief.

Kure-it healing oils are a good example of this fact. Before I had Kure-it, I also suffered through much pain of the body and poisoning of the mind, body and spirit by following the world's ways. The amazing power of pain relief and healing found in a simple anointing oil shocks most people, and helps destroy the lies the devil has told them almost instantly. At no time in my previous years of this life, (except as a child) would I have believed this was even possible myself. Today I am healed and healing others, by sharing the truth that God has revealed to me to you. 

Biblical Healing Oils

We can all share whatever form of truth God has revealed to us, to help others overcome the lies they are under. Kure-it is a great place to start a conversation about these things, so that God's truth can be revealed to those who can receive it. 

Kure-it healing oils may not be the final answer to everyone's problem, but it is a miracle to those suffering in pain and being poisoned. 

Don't be silent in the face of lies:

If we know the truth and see our brother or sister deceived, should we not have mercy on them, just as God has had mercy on us? 

Be involved:

We can all help fight this battle with prayer, truth and Gods true knowledge. I can not begin to estimate how many people have been helped in this exact way through these amazing Kure-it healing and anointing oils, which God has allowed us to have knowledge of, to use and share with you and others. 

Giving your own testimony of how God has helped or healed you is important to share with others, to remind us of our fights and victories, as well as to provide knowledge and help build faith in ourselves and others. 

Truly the Kure-it healing oils can do what opioids and pharmaceutical drugs cannot do... help build faith. Please share this with your brothers and sisters in Christ, who may need it even more than you do. 

Oil Your Shield Of Faith!

Blessings to all God's elect people, 

Gordon Pennington

Oil of Elijah


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