Flash Gordon and the Good Samaritan oil

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Flash Gordon & the Oil of the Good Samaritan.

Episode 1

Early in the spring of 2016, after discovering and making the healing oil (in spring 2015), I was actively looking for people to heal by using the oil. So one of the persons I healed with the Good Samaritan oil was a young man named Ryan who was suffering from second degree sunburns, both he and his 2 friends.

Good Samaritan Work in Indiana

(Picture of Ryan with his Dogs in Indiana.)

He was about 30 years of age and was down from Indiana for a few days and had been at the beach collecting shells with his girlfriend, and another friend Tim. All 3 were unable to wear clothes comfortably, and were visibly red and sunburned, with visible blisters forming on their backs. I met them at Osteen Park on Merritt Island, Florida where I was doing a daily reading of God’s word with whoever wanted to listen, which they were willing.

Good Samaritan healing oil 20ml bottles for sale

When I offered them the healing oil for their sunburn, they all accepted and we applied the oil and prayed for them, and within about 2 minutes their pains went away and they were able to put on their shirts for the chill of the wind. I then continued reading and expounding on Gods words of truth for a good while, speaking about the power of faith and the tongue until the sun set, and the shofar was blown at the end of the day.

The next day Ryan called me and wanted to come over to my house and speak about the oils, so I agreed and he came over with his girlfriend, his other friend Tim and Sasha, a large Black Italian mastiff, which he had with him the day before as well.  It turned out they were was so amazed that their sunburns healed overnight and that there were not even any blisters left, and their skin had turned to a tanned color and no sign of sunburn was left, that he needed some of this oil around for himself, and his dogs, which seemed to always be getting hurt. He was experienced with having sunburns before and suffered from rosacea, and was acutely aware of how the oil helped him over the previous times he has had sunburns in the past.

It turned out that Ryan raised Italian mastiff breed called cana corso, and these dogs don’t mind a good fight now and then.

 I agreed and we bartered for some of the “Good Samaritan Oil” which he called “Jesus juice”.  That is how I met Ryan from Indiana, and how I ultimately got my dog Flash, which is another part of the story.

Serious cut on dogs paw healed with Good Samaritan Oil

(Cut on dogs paw day 1)

Healed using Good Samaritan Healing oil

(Cut on dogs paw day 3)

After Ryan left, he updated me on how amazing the oils were working on different wounds the dogs got, as well as him and friends cuts, burns and scrapes, along with pictures. Needless to say he was a believer.

About 1 year later Ryan calls me and asks me to send him some more oil, and as he had just run out, and seeing I had also just ran out myself from the first batch I had made, I decided a road trip to Indiana might be in order with a few other disciples (friends), and that I would make the oil at his house in Portage Indiana, so I packed up all my equipment and off we went.

Flash the Good Samaritan mascot

(Flash is the puppy!)

Stay tuned for the next episode, where things get even more interesting, and I get my dog Flash!

Blessings to all,

Flash Gordon

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