The Oil of God's Mercy.

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Episode 2

The Adventures of Flash Gordon:

The Oil of God's Mercy.

In June of 2017, after close to a year had passed, my friend Ryan calls me and asks me to send him some more oil as he had just run out and needed it for his dogs and himself. Seeing how I had also just ran out myself from the first batch I had made, I decided a road trip to Indiana might be in order with a few other disciples (friends), and that I would make the oil at his house in Portage Indiana, so I packed up all my oil processing equipment, and 2 other friends, John B. and Devin J, and we headed out for Indiana. It was 2 days before my birthday as well, so I was happy to be on the road again.

Lucky for us enterprise had a great deal on this Mercedes van for a month!

While in route, as we were passing through Kentucky and thought it good to stop at Noah’s Ark experience exhibit they had built a few years back, so we made a slight detour and arrived at Noah’s Ark.

Devin on the left and John on the right.

We spent the day at the ark exhibit, which is very well done, and very educational. While there of course, I checked in the gift shop to see if they had any healing oils or knowledge of them, which they didn’t. We were very impressed overall and were glad to see them teaching God’s truth about the history of the world.

Some of the exhibits in Noah's ark.

This is built according to exact specifications given to Noah. This one was built in 1 year.

The same day we went on to Indiana and to Ryan’s house where we arrived late evening around 10 pm. When we arrived we found that there had been an fight between the 2 bigger dogs. As well, 2 of the people who were trying to break up the fight ended up getting hurt, with one named Tim going to the hospital for lacerations on his ankle and Chris, who didn’t go to the hospital but was still wounded. 

Chris was sitting on the couch in extreme pain and discomfort from a wound on his thigh and inner leg. He had been bitten on his thigh and had 2 holes the size of a quarter about 6 inches apart with visible redness and swelling around the area. He was bitten by a 150 lb Italian Mastiff Cana Corso.

This was also the first time I met the puppy that would become Flash, my companion dog. This puppy took an extreme liking to me, as i did to him.

Spud (Flash) was pretty excited to meet me!

Needless to say I was surprised as these events had taken place just hours before my arrival, and here I show up without any healing oil made. While I had planned to make the oil the following day, I realized that the need was now, so I set up my equipment and started making the oil, finishing enough around 2 am. Chris was still awake and in a lot of pain, so I used a natural brown paper coffee filter with about a half bottle of the Rx8 Max strength, and we wrapped his leg. I then went back to finish processing the oil and cleaning up.

I looked in on Chris after about 15 minutes and he had fallen asleep, and didn’t appear to be in pain, so I was thankful. After i finished up with the oils it was about 4 am, so I laid on the couch and very easily fell asleep, as I had absorbed a lot of Rx8 myself in making the oils as well as driving since 6 am the previous day. Today was my birthday as well, so I was thankful to be somewhere with friends. 

Early the next morning at 7am Ryan wakes me up and wants to take the dogs for a walk at the beach, and needed dog walkers as well as someone with a vehicle to haul the dogs and people. We all got up and loaded up the van with 5 people and 5 dogs, 2 full grown 150 lb Italian mastiffs as well as 3 Italian mastiff puppies 3 months old and headed to the Lake Michigan shore for what I assumed would be a short walk.

Very soon we were having a great time walking the dogs up the shore of Lake Michigan, and with us were myself, Devin and Jonathan, who had come with me from Florida through Noah’s ark exhibit. Also with us was Ryan and his friend Chris, who were walking the bigger dogs, while the rest of us walked the 3 puppies. It was truly a magical and beautiful day, and we kept walking, meeting people, resting and walking. After we had gone about 1 ½  miles, I asked Ryan exactly how far was he planning to go, since I didn’t know, to which he responded its about 5 miles total up and back and the dogs needed the exercise. And so, I put my mind to benefit from the exercise and forget only having 3 hours sleep and no coffee and enjoy myself, which I did very much, as an unexpected blessing on my birthday.

Chris sitting, Flash and his 2 brothers finding a spot in our shade. 

After we reached the end of the beach, we turned and headed back down the way we from came. It was getting to be early afternoon at about 80 degrees with clear blue skies. There were many people were out enjoying the day at the beach and the 5 dogs were a big attraction to people. We spoke with many people, some whom Ryan and Chris knew already, and were enjoying our Sabbath day.

This is Sasha, the dog that bit Chris on the leg, with Chris (note the bandage).

Flash was hot, but seemed adverse to touching water.. (he still is)

Taking a break to let the dogs rest. 

Devin walking one of the puppies as we are heading back to the van.

Then something happened, something that was entirely mind blowing to me. God opened my eyes to see another miracle that had manifested and proven itself in front of my eyes.

Last picture of Chris before he took off his bandage. 

As we were walking along, I happened to look back and see Chris unwrapping the bandage from his leg and stuff it in his pocket……  I was stunned!

It was at that moment I realized that Chris hadn’t said one word about his leg since he woke up and that he had just walked over 4 miles without a thought to his leg. He hadn’t just walked, he was squatting, running, playing football, and just having a great time at the beach with absolutely no sign of discomfort or pain. While all these thoughts are running through my head about trauma wounds, inflammation, pain and discomfort that he would be in if not for the Rx8 healing oil. I thought to myself, he shouldn’t even be able to put weight on that leg without extreme discomfort, much less walk 4 miles on a sandy beach, running, jumping, squatting, etc.. In fact he should still be lying on that couch, if not for the Rx8 oil.

I thought, any army with something like this would be almost unbeatable, as most of their serious non mortal wounds would be healed in hours or days.  Truly my thoughts on it were so overwhelmed with realizations, I didn’t even know how to ask Chris about his leg. I decided to just watch him for the next mile or so as we walked back to the van and evaluate what I am seeing.  So, it ended up with Chris and I walking up on ahead of the others with 2 of the puppies as we set a pace to get back.

Once we got back to the van we got in for some welcome air conditioning, with just Chris and I in the front of the van. I then looked over at Chris and bluntly said: “so Chris, how is your leg feeling?”. He responded with a bit of surprise with “it feels fine, I took the wrap off on the beach because it kept falling down and tucked it in my pocket, but there is no pain”. Then he start poking at his leg a little and says “it doesn’t hurt at all”. He then lifted up the shorts above the wound, and I was shocked at what I saw.

The 2 quarter size holes had a soft and supple (shiny) scab over the holes, sealing them up, and all the blood vessels were a bright yellow color in the area where he had the bite from the dog. His leg was normal size with no swelling, and he had no discomfort or pain at all, nor was there any discoloration or bruising other than the veins were bright yellow. Amazing. This color indicates a bruise that has healed. 

It was now around 2:00pm, 12 hours after we applied the oil, and approximately 18 hours from when he was bit by a 150lb Italian Mastiff Cana Corso dog with the second most powerful bite force among canines @650psi. Plus he has been walking and running, squatting and using his leg normally since he got up at 7am, only 5 hours after we put the oil on it.

Needless to say when we all came to the realization of this, we all glorified Jesus, and thanked him for the revelation of his Oil of Mercy, and from then on determined ourselves to use this oil to help others more.  

Chris ended up continuing on with us in our journey for the next few weeks, and within 1 week the wound was completely healed with new skin and little scarring.

Chris spent the next 3 weeks on mission with us. 

After 2 weeks of traveling through Missouri, Colorado, Texas and back to Florida, healing people in route and preaching the Gospel we got back to Florida. We got a few days of good rest as well. Ryan called a few days later asking if we can package enough oils to take them to a Music Festival and that "these people really need the oils and the everlasting Gospel".

As I had never been to a festival like this, which was a camp in music festival, 1 week long in Michigan, I was a bit hesitant. Once I had prayed on it with consideration, God put it in my heart to accept this mission and to be a witness and a light to a lost generation, and to help deliver these young people from the power of Babylon, which is sorcery aka pharmakia.

After discussing it with the others, we all agreed it would be a powerful force for truth and we headed back to Portage Indiana, with myself, Devin, Jonathan and Chris. Once we got back up to Indiana with all the supplies, it was at this time as well that I decided that I would purchase one of the puppies whom had took a liking to me the first time I was up, it was a blond male called Spud. While I liked the puppy, I didn’t care for the name Spud, so I planned to give him my nickname of Flash, and I would become just Gordon again.


Unfortunately Flash had an accident before we got back to Indiana and had a broken leg when I saw him upon our return. He had a cast on and would have to keep it on for 2 more weeks, so I couldn’t take him with me at that time until his cast was removed. Luckily Ryan had been putting the Kure-it Rx8 oil on it so he wasn’t in pain and was healing quickly, and was very happy to see me again.

We now had only 2 days to get everything ready for the festival, so we packaged the oils in the bottles with my first Kure-it labels and prepared for the next adventure.

Kure-it Rx1 healing oil original label

Make sure you tune in to see even more amazing things in our next mission article! Coming up:

Episode 3: Flash Gordon @ the Electric Forrest.

I pray that these true stories help people understand how important healing and truth is in the mission field. We should be prepared with all God's tools available to do works of mercy. The Good Samaritan story in Luke 10 is where we get our inspiration from to share the oil freely.

Blessings to you in Jesus Christ’s name and glory to the Father of lights, who has given us his oil of mercy.

Flash Gordon

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