A Typhoon Called Eagle:

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Doksuri means Eagle in English.

The Eagle Has Landed!

Typhoon Doksuri has brought widespread flooding and economic destruction to the Beijing and surrounding regions in China. In the last week of July 2023 almost 1 million people have lost their homes and businesses in the most recorded rainfall in over 140 years. China has had some regions completely destroyed, including the region that does most of the commercial printing for most for China and the world.

Chinese proverb

Many of the people were made homeless through floodwater discharged by CCP Govt. officials in Hebei province and other regions. This has caused widespread anger online and in China against the CCP officials and the party in general, according to a recent Reuters news article you can read here: China floodwater diversions to populated areas unleash wave of online anger

It appears these local CCP officials decided the flooding of whole cities and suburbs to save Beijing and the lower regions was the best solution. They opened flood control gates and even destroyed levees to alleviate downstream flood concerns in Beijing. Some of this this was done in the middle of the night with little to no prior evacuation warning.

According to some videos circulating on you tube, there were confrontations between CCP officials with local police and local residents who were trying to protect the levees. This happened in the middle of the night. The citizens ultimately failed and the levees were destroyed on purpose with people fleeing in the middle of the night.

Most residents fled with what they could carry, some with nothing while some were washed away in their homes, cars and even buses in the different regions. Many of these had to be rescued by Good Samaritan volunteers in the first hours and days before the CCP took over rescue operations with the military and local police, and kicked out the volunteers who were normal people helping. 

So far the CCP claims 33 lives were lost. According to reports many thousands are still missing, maybe tens of thousands? Will this cost the CCP popular support and the rule of power in China?

Here are some old Chinese proverbs and what some others are saying:

Was this storm an arrow in the heart of the CCP by heaven itself?

There are many interesting facts about typhoon Doksuri, including its abnormal path to the region, and changing direction like it was being steered from above.

I will say that God is in control, and that he brings warnings and trouble to nations who oppose heaven's mandates.

Typhoon Khanun is also threatening more rainfall for the upper regions but has weakened over N Korea so far as of 8/11/2023. Khanun means Lord, Sovereign, Ruler and has association with kindness and mercy.

I have a feeling there will be a move of God and revival in China very soon, and that God has a great plan we know little about yet.

We will soon find out.

Blessings to you and please pray for the affected people in China, God's missionaries and Jesus Christs saints in China as well.

Gordon Pennington

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