Kure it Biblical Healing & Anointing Oils

Kure-it Rx is a miraculous revelation in biblical healing. Using the knowledge found in the bible, we were able to rediscover the best pain relief and wound healing oil available anywhere today. Specially infused with frankincense, myrrh and biblical herbs, you will rediscover the power of natural with these bible inspired healthy solutions. 

The product caps are color coded for strength with the Ultimate strength with the Yellow Cap on the left and the Original strength the last 2 with Purple and Blue Caps.

Healing oil strengths
At any strength you will get great benefits for relief of pain and inflammation and more. As you increase the strength the pain relief lasts longer and wounds heal even faster. 
The combo packages have good selections of variety, so you can find the strength best suited for you.
The biblical healing oils are made from infused frankincense and myrrh, along with the best essential oils from the chief spices. You can expect them to work like nothing else you have ever tried, and for most of our customers they are a miracle in many ways and we pray they are for you as well.

"Oil is the life force of the flame." - Prof.  Gordon Pennington PNH MNH