Oil of Elijah - Ultimate Strength

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Oil of Elijah - Ultimate Strength Biblical Healing & Anointing Oil:

The Oil of Elijah is composed of Sacred Green Hojari Omani Frankincense Resin, Grade A Myrrh Resin and Natural Sandalwood Resin, all combined with premium organic olive oil via our unique incense infusion process.

Oil of Elijah Sacred anointing oil

A recent university study and testing revealed that the combination of Frankincense and Myrrh increases the potency of anti-inflammatory turpenes and thus produces a more powerful form of super anti-inflammatory turpenes. Additionally, the Journal of Oil Science cited the anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to function as a nitric oxide inhibitor, which helps safeguard cardiovascular health and enhances circulation.

This is the highest grade of ointment we make in this ancient infusion process. 
Oil of Elijah Bible Healing & Anointing oil.

Oil of Elijah - Maximum Strength Bible Healing & Anointing Oil is our most concentrated level of pain relief & healing oil, made from the best natural resins and ingredients This allows this oil to be both quicker to reduce pain and more effective at relieving symptoms for longer periods. Using the largest organ (the skin) for delivery into the bloodstream

For chronic pain, surgeries, cancer, and serious wounds, the skin is an ideal delivery system for administering natural oils, which provide micro-nutrients and anti-inflammatory turpenoids that directly enter the bloodstream.

Iol of Elijah Topical pain relief.

At an amazing 2 X stronger than the;

Kure-it Rx8 maximum strength oil. 

The Oil of Elijah is a powerful remedy for alleviating chronic pain, promoting healing, and providing advanced protection for those facing cancer diagnosis. When diluted with carrier oil like olive oil, it can be used in lesser strengths at home with spectacular results - our clients rave about its effectiveness!

The Oil of Elijah is an effective therapeutic for daily use to improve immunity. It can be taken orally, sublingually, and/or through nasal administration, taking advantage of the mineral-rich properties of the essential oils contained within.

Oil of Elijah ingredients include frankincense and myrrh

Oil of Elijah uses 100% natural ingredients:

Olive Oil, incense infused with Sacred Green Frankincense, Pure Myrrh grade A and Sandalwood resins, as well as essential oils frankincense, myrrh, Basil, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Oregano, Spikenard, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Citrus & Cedarwood.

Even the wise men brought Jesus Christ these Precious Resins as gifts fit for the King of Kings. 

Frankincense and myrrh gifts of the wise men of the bible.

The Oil of Elijah is available in 4 size options in glass dropper bottles, and 1 size in plastic drip top. 

20ml plastic drip child cap [30 day supply]

30ml glass dropper bottle [30-45 day supply]

60ml glass dropper bottle [60-90 day supply]

120ml glass dropper bottle [120-180 day supply]

Each 20ml plastic drip top bottle (yellow cap) contains approx 500 drops, or 100 doses/uses (30 day supply)

Most applications require 3-5 drops recommended 3-4 times daily.

For immune boosting, or serious diseases like cancer, an oral dose of 20ml per week is recommended for 90 days, then normal dosages for maintenance, as well as topical application of 10 drops 3 times daily. 

The Oil of Elijah is a special production product, based on availability of raw materials.