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Welcome to the Good Samaritan Mission!

We know most have no idea what kind of missions we do, or how we share the oils, and we don't self promote, although we feel responsible to let you know where your support is going, and how we use our resources, and so we have put together this page, and will be sharing these stories on our blog with those who desire to see them. 

Good Samaritan Healing oil on the road.

We will show the missions we have been on over the past years, and how effective the oils are at helping minister to people. This page is just an overview of the main group missions, as we are on mission every day somewhere. 

Our Mission:

Is to be witnesses of truth to the last generation and to deliver all we can from the bondage of lies and sorcery using the most powerful weapon God has given to us.. the faith that brings miracles in Jesus Christs name.

We are dedicated to helping the sick, homeless and addicts in overcoming these things through faith in Gods word and natural healing. By using his knowledge and for his miracles to be made evident in the hidden works of his hand through the holy spirit. Glory goes to Jesus Christ for all we do and all we have is his to use for his kingdom.

Our first full mission blog " Flash Gordon & the Electric Forest" will be posted in the next week. 

To see our overall mission list, and some short descriptions, you can visit our Missions page here:

Next week I will cover our first group mission with the Good Samaritan biblical healing oil. We hope these stories will encourage people to have mercy on others, and glorify Jesus Christ and God in heaven.

Flash Gordon & the Electric Forest. 

Until then, Thank you fr your support and prayers. 

Flash Gordon & Lady Victory (pictured above)

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