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Can an old drink called "Mormon Tea" act as a natural antihistamine to replace prescription drugs for COPD and Asthma? Read on to hear the evidence!

Now COPD is a top diagnosed condition along with asthma!

As we all know, more people these days are having issues breathing with all the pollution, radiation from wireless microwave radiation, environmental pollution, smog, wildfires and even dust storms. It is truly terrible to not be able to intake oxygen, shortness of breath, coughing and more. This is something my mother suffered from her whole life.

In fact according to the NIH Approximately 25 million Americans are reported to have asthma, and another 15 million Americans have been diagnosed with COPD. An additional 24 million American adults have evidence of impaired lung function, suggestive of an under diagnosis of COPD.

This is about 64 million Americans in total if these numbers are right. This is about 20% of the population of the United States of America!

What if God had a simple herb that you could drink as a tea that would help you breathe better, as well as many other benefits that many of our ancestors used as a natural part of their lifestyle. I believe the evidence is yes, and thankfully it is widely available growing wild in the USA, and probably available at a local herb shop. 

The answer may be a simple one:

According to the University of Colorado Boulder in an article posted by Jeff Minton on March 3, 2023 :

"Mormons used the plant to make a caffeine-free hot drink, and Native Americans used it to relieve congestion."

"Ephedra is an ancient genus, with fossils reaching back 125 million years and it is a gymnosperm, not an angiosperm. That is, it is more closely allied with pines, spruces and firs than angiosperms such as daisies or aspens."

It turns out that this is the plant species they used to formulate Ephedrine, as well as a few variations of that through pharmakia. Of course they don't want us to understand that we can use what our forefathers used since ancient times.

According to the national park service, "The boiled stems have been used to make a tea which can work as a decongestant. The commercial drug ephedrine comes from an Ephedra which grows in China." 

Common Name: Green Mormon Tea Other Common Names: Brigham Tea, Mexican Tea, Jointfir. Scientific Name: Ephedra viridis. Family: Jointfir Family (Ephedraceae)

This is also available online in extract or powder form relatively inexpensively. 

According to Organic Facts website: there are numerous other benefits associated with this plant such as helping:

  • Lower/regulate blood pressure
  • Improved immune system
  • Remedy for allergies
  • Improved metabolism
  • Reduce kidney infections
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Boosted energy levels

Read the whole article here:

7 Proven benefits of Mormon Tea:


According to another Article in 2012 By Pat Bagley @ The Salt Lake Tribune:

"Soon Mormons were enthusiastically singing the praises of the plant's restorative powers, especially Young. Mormon lore says it was the pioneer treatment for asthma, upset stomach, headaches, cold, flu, rashes, itchiness, chills, fevers, aches, joint pain, bad blood, constipation and lethargy. Also known as Whorehouse Tea, it was held to cure venereal disease."

There seems to be some high praises to be had for this natural cheap remedy.

Blessings and Catch the Wind!




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